GSMA 100 Portfolio

Some of the growth-stage startups that have taken part in the GSMA100 initiative to date:


AI for Wireless Network Operations.

Affirmed Networks

Affirmed Networks deliver’s the world’s only fully virtualized, cloud native, webscale mobile core solution.


AISesne builds technology that will change how we remember important conversations. Otter, its note taking application, integrates proprietary technologies for speech recognition, speaker separation and ID, text and audio synchronization and search.


Allganize is AI-powered knowledge management for enterprises by a conversational agent.


Anomali detects your adversaries and tells you who they are.


AppOnboard is a mobile app demo and analytics platform that powers app demos, which allow users to instantly experience an app or game without a download. AppOnboard also enables app and game testing as well as product insights for developers.


BehavioSec is the first and only vendor to deliver enterprise-grade Behavioral Biometrics as a Service (BBaaS) to combat online fraud.

Big Panda

BigPanda enables enterprises to reduce cost, downtime, and risk by using Open Box Machine Learning to automate and streamline IT Operations.


The world’s first software platform for full drone telepresence.


Centrify delivers Zero Trust Security through the power of Next-Gen Access.

Cinarra Systems

Cinarra Systems is a Location Analytics and Data Monetization company for Mobile Network Operators.

Cleverciti Systems

Cleverciti Systems is providing the complete end-to-end solution for parking detection, guidance and monitoring for on-street and outdoor parking.


Cloudify’s open-source, intent-based orchestration platform enables you to automate, manage and virtually transform network and application services. All under a common automation scheme from your core location to branches and multi-access edge devices, on physical servers or on the cloud.


Cloudify’s open-source, intent-based orchestration platform enables you to automate, manage and virtually transform network and application services. All under a common automation scheme from your core location to branches and multi-access edge devices, on physical servers or on the cloud.

Cujo AI

CUJO AI provides AI-driven cybersecurity and network intelligence software for network operators.


Dashbot is an analytics platform for chatbots and voice assistants that enables brands and developers to increase user acquisition, engagement, and monetization through actionable insights and tools.

Defined Crowd

DefinedCrowd offers a platform that collects, refines and structures training data for AI and ML systems.


Devo enables global service providers to improve service operations, enhance customer experience and reduce costs by operationalizing their growing volume of streaming and historical data associated with existing and next-generation services.


FullStory records and reproduces real user experiences on your site helping you support customers, boost conversions and debug faster.


Fungible is a data center infrastructure company.

Genus AI

Genus AI is an Enterprise AI platform with a focus on deep customer understanding. The platform leverages customer data, performs data augmentation and offers pre-built algorithms to help businesses understand their customers and engage them in an emotionally intelligent way.


HeadSpin is a powerful, easy-to-use testing and mobile experience platform.

Invisible Systems

Invisible Systems designs and manufactures LoRa and NB-IoT wireless devices for monitoring energy, conditions and fixed assets. A bespoke software platform (Realtime-Online) gathers all data and displays information on cloud dashboards, within a comprehensive reporting suite and notification system.


ioTium provides network Infrastructure as a managed-service, enabling legacy industrial machinery to be securely connected to cloud/datacenter at scale! ioTium’s drop-ship, plug&play solution equips Telecom-Operators with end-to-end solution to enable rapid, scalable Industrial IoT deployments for customers across multiple verticals.


Jiminy's parenting app uses machine learning to give parents the tools and information they need to understand their children's digital lives, and keep them safe.

Kai OS Technologies

KaiOS Technologies is the maker of KaiOS, the leading mobile operating system for smart feature phones. Together with partners, they’re bridging the digital divide in emerging markets, as well as in established ones for users who need smartphone alternatives.


Limitless helps mobile carriers engage with Millennials and other customers to help them start saving and investing. We use short term spending goals as motivation for long term investments, all while generating monetizable data and reducing churn.

Litmus Automation

Edge and Cloud software platform for Industrial IoT, with a focus in Manufacturing and industrial segments.


LotusFlare bridges telecom operators with the world of OTT. We build awesome digital customer experiences and then drive Growth with an OTT playbook. We solve practical problems today and help operators prepare for a future of eSIM, blockchain and 5G.

Lumina Networks

Lumina Networks’ open source SDN provides ubiquitous control for heterogeneous networks, without vendor lock-in.


Messagenius is the secure, customizable and integrated instant messaging (stand-alone/add-on) for businesses and telcosfor their workforce (internal messenger), for their offerings to customers (B2B solutions) or multimedia entertainment environments.


Developer facing platform delivering developer edge services that run on mobile/distributed infrastructure.


Europe’s smartest engineers bringing Industrial Internet of Things to ports & governments.


Sentinel is an IoT Cybersecurity and Telematics Platform for Smart Homes and Businesses. Our Bots framework let’s you command the market with the flexibility and speed you need for crafting custom solutions, allowing you go to market first and often.

Sedona Systems

Sedona’s NetFusion enables service providers to integrate their networks, across layers, vendors and domains and to automate services and network lifecycle.


Sentiance is an AI company that helps its clients build adaptive products and services that enable deeper engagement with their end users.


SigOpt optimizes any model to accelerate and amplify the impact of research on a business or organization.


TRIPP is changing the way you feel through mood altering experiences in VR.


UserTribe gives global firms and leading telcos on-demand access to customers, and integrates those into workflows and processes in form of thick, in-depth insights.


Verdigris is an artificial intelligence IoT platform that enables smarter and more connected buildings while reducing energy consumption and costs.

Versa Networks

Versa is the leading innovator in software-defined infrastructure, enabling service providers and Fortune 500 enterprises improve end-user application experiences by simplifying and securing multi-cloud and business services across the WAN/branch office networks.


Vilynx has developed a self-learning AI platform for Media to understand content and personalize the user experience on publisher websites, mobile/OTT apps and optimize content creation and distribution. Deep metadata tagging is the base to drive automated previews, recommendations and smart search.


Worldsensing is a widely recognized global IoT pioneer that specializes on wireless sensor technology and real-time software solutions to provide Operational Intelligence to traditional industries, cities and telecommunication companies in over 50 countries across 6 continents.

Xage Security

The first and only blockchain-protected security platform for industrial IoT.


Zeotap enables mobile operators to monetize their data through the integration with zeotap's patented technology zeoCore, which is already connected to the largest advertisers in the ecosystem. With zeotap, mobile operators experience increased revenue from their monetizable data while reducing Opex, by ensuring technical and marketing resources are kept to a minimum.

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