Complementarity and commitment in good measure for successful partnerships: Lessons from Product Health

This blog was written by Charu Chadha, former Senior Market Engagement Manager, Mobile for Development Utilities

Country(s) of implementation: Tanzania, Kenya and Bangladesh

Mobile channels: Machine to machine (M2M) connectivity and Mobile services

In 2013, we launched the Mobile for Development (M4D) Utilities Innovation Fund to trial and scale the use of mobile to improve or increase access to energy, water and sanitation services. To date, we have awarded Seed and Market Validation grants to 34 organisations in 21 countries. We are now publishing a series of blogs and case studies containing the final learnings from the 21 grants in the second phase of our Innovation Fund. Our objective is to develop an evidence-base across mobile-enabled utility solutions that can inform ecosystem players and accelerate the growth of the sector.

This blog explores what makes partnerships work, using Product Health’s experiences. Read more