Connected Women Webinar – Mapping the mobile money gender gap: insights from Cote d’Ivoire and Mali

Ensuring that women are financially included via mobile money has a range of benefits, not only for women themselves, but for society as a whole, and it is also good for business. Our webinar will look at insights from our research in Cote d’Ivoire and Mali to better understand women’s adoption and usage of mobile money. We examined transactional data with a gender lens to understand how customers use mobile money, and where female customers drop off on the customer journey—from registration to active use—compared to their male counterparts. We then conducted follow-up research in these markets to understand what is preventing women from using mobile money, which allowed us to identify potential opportunities to reduce the gender gap.

The key elements that we will explore during the webinar are:

  • Barriers for women across all stages of the mobile money customer journey
  • Drivers of women’s adoption of mobile money
  • Opportunities to increase mobile money penetration among women
  • Recommendations for operators to reduce the mobile money gender gap in their markets

Please register for one of the sessions below. The final session on 15 December will be held in French.

Friday 24 November. 1pm to 2pm GMT. Register now

Friday 15 December 8am to 9 am GMT. Register now

Vendredi 15 Decembre. 10am to 11am GMT. Register now. Cette session est en français