GSMA advocacy produces spectrum trading guidelines in Nigeria

In May 2018 the Nigerian Communications Commisssion (NCC) published new regulatory guidelines that now facilitate the trading and sharing of spectrum in Nigeria. The GSMA was actively involved in the development of the work that culminated in these guidelines which now allow for an environment that will be better at the efficient use of scarce spectrum resources.

The GSMA has long-standing engagements with the NCC with regards to the need to develop guidelines to facilitate the transfer, leasing and sharing of spectrum. This has included liaison with our members, participation and presentations at local workshops on the subject, as well as written submissions to the leadership of the NCC.

In May 2018, the NCC published the new Spectrum Trading Guidelines. The new Guidelines adopted the GSMA recommendations, specifically in allowing not only spectrum trading and leasing, but also spectrum sharing. The GSMA also recommended the adoption of a 1% administrative fee as opposed to the 10% (and then 5%) which the NCC initially intended. Based on GSMA recommendations, the NCC also came up with ways to ensure the technical and financial capabilities of the buying/leasing party’s in its consideration for spectrum trading applications.

This is a great revolution in the Nigerian regulatory environment and is a great achievement for the spectrum, policy and regulatory team in the Sub-Saharan Africa region.