National Broadband Plan for Nigeria

The Head of Sub-Saharan Africa, Akinwale Goodluck, was recently selected to be a member of the Presidential Committe on the Development of the 2020-2025 National Broadband Plan for Nigeria as the previous one ( 2013-2018) came to the end of its lifetime over two years ago.

The newly appointed Minister of the recently renamed Ministry of Communications Technology and Digital Economy initiated the process to renew the broadband plan and set up a Presidential committee to drive and oversee the process. The Committee is expected to:

  • Review the 2013-2018 National broadband plan with special focus on targets set therein.
  • Identify unattained targets for the possible inclusion in the new National Broadband Plan (if still relevant).
  • Identify access gaps and unserved/underserved population nationwide.
  • Develop a new National Broadband Plan for the Period 2020-2025 setting new targets and clear responsibility matric for all relevant sectors of the National Economy.
  • Produce a roadmap for the implementation of the National Broadband Plan.
  • Outline a robust monitoring strategy with a clear reporting mechanism.

The output of the work from all working groups, sub-committees and the National Broadband Plan committee will serve as a foundation for a Consultant to develop, in detail, the text of the National Broadband Plan 2020 and the final draft of the plan is expected to be developed and finalized by 16 February 2020.