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Mobile 360 Series - Africa 2018 Highlights 
Here are the highlights from the Mobile 360 Series - Africa event.
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Industry News
GSMA Represents at ITU Telecom World, Durban
Akinwale Goodluck, Head of Sub-Saharan Africa, delivered a presentation on ‘Promoting Universal Access; the Spectrum Pricing Perspective and also participated in a panel discussion titled ‘ Wireless technologies for Africa: the opportunity ahead’.
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GSMA Participates in Spectrum Management Forum
Key messaging on spectrum pricing in developing countries was delivered and priority areas of consideration for a successful digital switchover was discussed ahead of the World Radiocommunication Conferences (WRC) coming up in 2019.
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Preparatory Meeting for WRC-19
Held in Cairo, Egypt, the GSMA advocated for identification of new spectrum bands to support 5G and mobile technology. A preliminary position was adopted by the African Telecommunicatios Union to seek identification of various frequency bands at WRC-19.
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Updates from Mobile for Development
Podcast on Women and Digital Financial Inclusion
This French podcast focuses on our most recent data and insights on women’s access, use of mobile phones and mobile money services. It also provides recommendations on how to reduce the gender gap in digital financial services. 
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The Future is Female
Closing the gender gap is a huge priority in Rwanda, with a special emphasis on empowering women. Watch the latest #CaseForChange story to find out how the women of Rwanda are using their digital skills to benefit their lives and enrich their communities.
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Disaster Response Innovation Fund grantee - Lumkani
See how our South African grantee Lumkani is working to increase the safety and security of people living in informal settlements with mobile-based early-warning systems.
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Driving Digital Inclusion in Rwanda
Tigo Airtel Rwanda had a 240% return on investment within one quarter after training their sales agents with the GSMA Mobile Internet Skills Training Toolkit.
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Our Recent Publications
Start-ups and Mobile in Emerging Markets- Issue 3
The latest version of our insights report, ‘Start-ups and Mobile in Emerging Markets’, is now available to download.
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A Framework to Understand Women's Mobile Related Safety Concerns
Find out more on this  for women in low and middle-income countries from our Connected Women report.
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The Key Trends in Mobile-enabled Water Services
Read our latest Mobile for Development Utilities insights report on what is working and what is next in mobile-enabled water services. 
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A Toolkit for Researching Women’s Internet Access and Use
This proposes how the gender gap in internet access and use can be measured and understood to inform action to tackle it.
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The GSMA’s Gender Analysis and Identification Toolkit (GAIT)
This toolkit addresses the absence of reliable gender-disaggregated data on mobile ownership and usage to help close the gender gap.
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Prerequisites to Digitising the Agricultural Last Mile
This explores challenges and examples of initiatives that address the foundational issues required for digitisation in the agricultural last mile.
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