Overview of Tech4Girls

Under the Women4Tech Programme, the GSMA has launched a number of activities to advance the goal of reducing the gender gap in the tech industry. Quality education, gender equality, and the exposure to technology in early life are fundamental areas of focus. For that reason, GSMA North America has started a series of hands-on educational workshops for girls, known as GSMA Tech4Girls, for participants to have a sense of accomplishment, understanding of basic technology concepts and a burst of confidence. By increasing participants’ self-confidence and interest in technology, the GSMA and its partners will increase the number of girls who aspire careers in technology. This important work will shape the workforce of tomorrow ensuring that this new group provides the diverse skills and perspectives needed for the industry to thrive.

Our Objectives:

  • Advance the goal of reducing the gender gap in the tech industry through SDGs goals #4 (Quality Education) and #5 (Gender Equality)
  • Provide young girls with the technical knowledge, education, and skills to prepare them for careers in technology through instruction at our quarterly workshops.
  • Increase interest, involvement, and awareness from company verticals in the tech industry to foster young ladies in technology.
  • Develop meaningful relationships with companies, groups, and schools as a strong pipeline of partnerships, sponsors, and mentorship.
  • Build local and global awareness of GSMA Tech4Girls through events, SDG tie-in, and external communications.