Mike Nxele of World Mobile and Richard Cockle from GSMA Foundry Tackle Sub-Saharan Africa’s Digital Divide

Authors discuss progress, challenges, and innovative solutions for digital connectivity in Sub-Saharan Africa, urging collaboration.

When it comes to mobile connectivity, Sub Saharan Africa has seen progress over the past year. A quarter of the population are now using mobile internet, with almost 30 million new mobile internet users coming online in 2022. And, more than half of the world’s 4G network expansion took place in Sub-Saharan Africa last year. 

This progress is testament to the continuing investment mobile operators and governments are making in the region. 

However, while a the coverage gap – those living in areas without mobile broadband coverage – is now only an issue for 5% of the world’s population, the fact remains that almost 400 million people worldwide still don’t have mobile internet coverage. This is an even bigger issue in Sub Saharan Africa, where nearly half of the world’s unconnected people (180 million) live and work.

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