GSMA Foundry Excellence Awards 2024

The annual GSMA Foundry Excellence Awards provide us with an opportunity to recognise some of the most innovative and significant projects completed in the last 12 months. Every year, we identify projects that meet the judging criteria and showcase their own individual attributes and achievements.


Thank you to all the partners involved and to all the project submissions. Find below the big winners of the Excellence Awards 2024.

Awards Categories

The 5G Monetisation Excellence Award is a strong testament to how impactful 5G is, going beyond just technology. It shines a light on those who have skilfully turned 5G’s amazing possibilities into real growth, sparking new ideas in the industry. This recognition encourages us to keep using the huge potential of 5G for innovation and making money in new and exciting ways. The award shows off the many ways we can use 5G: from practical 5G services for businesses to special tech such as Edge, MEC, TEC, and the smart merging of OT and IT. There are also cool things like Massive IoT solutions, and innovative concepts like XaaS, IaaS, NaaS, and Slicing. This award points to the smart ways Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) can make money from their 5G networks and services, like selling 5G to regular folks, charging companies for speedy 5G connections, or tapping into data and other services that 5G makes possible. This recognition is a tribute to the pioneers who not only understood what 5G could do but also showed us how it can light up a path to a future filled with new ideas and amazing chances to make things better.

The Non-Core Revenue honours organisations that have gone beyond their usual ways of doing things. These trailblazers have boldly taken on new paths for growth, showing a real spirit of innovation that moves industries forward. This award shines like a bright light, encouraging other businesses to explore new ideas, break limits, and have a flexible mindset that changes how we think about success and staying strong. This award focuses on the cool ways companies have tried new things to make money, like creating interesting stuff for consumers, getting into financial technology, making immersive experiences, being part of Industry 4.0, and joining GSMA Communities. These are great examples that show how businesses can use different ways to make money for a better future. When we talk about non-core revenue, we mean the money that telecom companies make from things other than just connecting people. This can be all sorts of stuff like special services, giving people content, and showing ads – all of which help make a richer and more successful business world.

The Digital Transformation Leadership Award lauds those who have masterfully navigated the intricate landscape of technological change with finesse and courage. As the digital revolution reshapes industries and transforms societies, this award highlights the paramount importance of embracing change and innovation. By celebrating digital transformation successes across varied categories—Enterprise Excellence, Customer-Centric Innovation, Industry Disruption, Technological Innovation, and Leadership in Change—the award underscores the transformative power of technology. It serves as a testament to the fact that in the digital age, leadership is not solely defined by the destination reached, but by the visionary journey taken to fundamentally change how telecom companies operate and deliver value to their customers. This includes improving customer experience, increasing operational efficiency, and creating new business models for a brighter, more connected future.

The Network Efficiency Excellence Award is a testament to the transformative impact of innovative thinking and operational excellence in the realm of connectivity. It praises those who have not only achieved high network performance but have also embraced the motto of sustainability, energy efficiency, and collaboration. This award underscores the remarkable convergence of technology, sustainability, and operational brilliance that characterises the pursuit of a seamless and sustainable connected world. Referring to the ability of telecom companies to optimise their networks to deliver high-quality services to customers while minimising costs, network efficiency encompasses a holistic approach. It involves strategies such as reducing energy consumption, improving network capacity, enhancing network security, and ensuring smooth and uninterrupted connectivity. By celebrating advancements in AI / Automation, Energy Efficiency – Climate & Sustainability, Infrastructure Sharing, Backhaul, and Emerging Technologies, this award not only recognises achievements but also boosts the momentum toward a more efficient, interconnected, and sustainable digital future. The honourees of this award stand as a reference, guiding the industry toward a brighter and more responsible era of network efficiency and sustainability.

The Industry Collaboration recognises the outstanding achievements of individuals and organisations that have demonstrated exceptional collaboration within their industry. This award celebrates those who have gone beyond the boundaries of their own enterprises to foster partnerships, build bridges, and create synergies that drive collective growth and innovation.

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