Mobile Policy Handbook – 2022 Edition

Ever since the introduction of the first digital cellular services for commercial use in the 1990s, mobile networks have spread, evolved and changed our world. Massive infrastructure investment and competition among mobile operators, supported by enabling policies and regulation, have led to continual improvements in network speed and quality and have extended the reach of mobile services to the most remote rural communities.

The GSMA believes that a country’s citizens benefit most when the private and public sectors work together in a spirit of openness and trust, as policymakers and regulators create the conditions that can attract telecoms investment, encourage innovation and strengthen digital trust.

This is why we are committed to supporting governments and regulators in their efforts to introduce pro-investment telecommunications policies. The Mobile Policy Handbook: An Insider’s Guide to the Issues is part of the GSMA’s efforts to promote such collaboration. A unique resource that assembles a range of policy topics and mobile industry positions and initiatives under one cover, it acts as a signpost to regulatory best practice.

As the global trade association of mobile operators, the GSMA conducts and commissions research on policy trends and challenges in the fast-moving mobile communications market. This handbook draws on the association’s unique insight into the mobile sector and presents it in a practical way for those who want to explore the issues and unleash the value of mobile technology in their own market.

In the updated 2022 edition of the Mobile Policy Handbook we take a look at important policy topics and industry positions such as competition, spectrum planning and data privacy. Throughout the book, the content has been refreshed with up-to-date statistics, new resources and industry insights.