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How can the GSMA help my business?

The GSMA’s suite of services is here to improve and support global connectivity. So operators have more efficient and more robust networks, while users get a better mobile experience.

Most of the services are based on the accurate, intelligent and comprehensive data we collate, and some underpin important interoperable backend functions, which help the mobile industry run smoothly. Such as TAC and EIN issuance, as well as universal remote eSIM provisioning.

Our services are expanding in line with technology trends and the imperatives identified by our product experts and GSMA members – they are grouped into five areas:

Blockchain & Roaming – innovative solutions for streamlining processes
Device Identification – key for device management and network planning
eSIM – supporting the growth of eSIM
Fraud Prevention & Security – essential to minimising costly traffic fraud and device crime
Network & Interconnect solutions – developed to improve the customer experience

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