The Mobile Economy Latin America 2021


of the population will subscribe to mobile services by the end of 2025. During this period, smartphone adoption will reach 81% in the region


In 2020, mobile technologies and services generated 7.1% of GDP in Latin America


of total connections in the region will be on 5G by 2025

The mobile industry in Latin America continues to play a crucial role in the response to Covid-19. Mobile networks have enabled social and economic activities to continue. People have relied on the internet to stay connected to friends and family, access educational and health services, and work remotely. This has driven mobile data traffic to new levels.
Smartphone connections in Latin America will reach 500 million at the end of 2021 – an adoption rate of 74%. The next four years will see almost 100 million additional smartphone connections in the region, taking adoption above 80%. This will spur mobile internet adoption, enabling more people to access digital services for the first time.
4G will remain the foundation of the mobile industry in Latin America over the near term, accounting for almost 70% of total connections at the end of 2025. That said, 5G momentum is building, with further commercial 5G services launched in 2021.
By 2025, the economic contribution of the Latin American mobile ecosystem will grow by more than $30 billion, as countries in the region increasingly benefit from the improvements in productivity and efficiency brought about by the increased take-up of mobile services.
The pandemic has emphasised the need for connectivity and the critical role of mobile technology. Now is the time for governments to reassess the business and regulatory environment for mobile services in order to accelerate investment and innovation for a connected society.

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