Chapter 1
Chapter 1

Understanding Climate Action

Why climate action is relevant to the mobile industry

Every industry has a role to play in the net zero transition. The climate impacts of the mobile industry are relatively small compared to heavy industry, transport and agriculture, but still need to be reduced if the world is to achieve net zero.

The Climate Action Handbook and FAQs give an overview of the mobile industry’s climate impacts and where they come from.
For a complete overview of climate action across the sector, see the annual Mobile Net Zero report.

There is a role for mobile in helping other industries decarbonise as well, by using connected technologies to reduce carbon emissions, protect biodiversity and better manage climate adaptation and resilience.

Climate Action Handbook

The GSMA-led Climate Action Handbook is designed to guide, inform and prepare anyone working within the mobile ecosystem on how to adapt and respond to the climate emergency.
This informative and objective overview allows mobile operators, customers, partners and suppliers to take ownership of their emissions, kickstart efforts to reduce them and explore what actions the industry is collectively taking to limit global warming to 1.5C.

Mobile Net Zero

This report is the third assessment the GSMA has made of the progress of the mobile industry against its ambition to be net zero by 2050.
It demonstrates how operators are working to improve energy efficiency across their footprint, transition to renewable energy and make supply chains more sustainable.

The report shows 62 operators, representing 61% of the industry by revenue and 46% by connections, have committed to science-based targets intended to rapidly reduce their direct and indirect carbon emissions by 2030; an increase of 12 operators since 2022. A large proportion of operators have also committed to net zero targets by 2050 or earlier, accounting for 39% of mobile connections and 43% of global revenue.

Sixty-seven operators, accounting for 79% of mobile revenue and 66% of global connections, disclosed to CDP - the global disclosure system – in 2022; an increase of 7 operators on the previous year. And a record 36 operators received an ‘A’ score for their disclosures, up from 22 the previous year.

The Role of Digital and Mobile-Enabled Solutions in Addressing Climate Change

This report discusses seven themes that cover the use of digital technologies in enabling clean energy and energy efficiency; transport, mobility and logistics; natural resource management and forestry; agriculture; managing water solutions; waste management and circular economy solutions; disaster preparedness and response.

Frequently Asked Questions

Taking action to reach net zero can be difficult. There are lots of questions and it’s not always easy to find the answers. We have collated the questions we are most often asked and answered them all in one place.
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