Promote sustained, inclusive and sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment and decent work for all


We create jobs directly and indirectly through accelerating economic growth and enabling innovation. 17 million jobs were directly supported by the mobile ecosystem in 2015, and this is expected to rise to 20 million by 2020.

The internet is the most important enabler of social development and economic growth of our time. Mobile connectivity is the primary method for connecting to the internet today and is a key driver of innovation, creating many more jobs indirectly through accelerated growth.


  1. The Internet of Things – A World of Opportunity

    The Internet of Things will connect a new generation of smart devices, creating invaluable business opportunities.

  2. Lumos: Tackling One of Our Biggest Challenges

    Providing carbon free electricity to the 1.3B people who live in the dark.

  3. Your Phone is Now a Refugee’s Phone

    How do refugees making the perilous trip to Europe use their phones to help with the journey?

  4. Find out how today’s refugees rely on their smartphones

    UNHCR's Hive project on why mobile phones - and online social networking platforms - are so essential to refugees.

  5. The Lighthouse Project

    Helping fulfil local needs across the region through innovative use of mobile technology.

  6. Paying school fees with mobile money in Côte d’Ivoire

    GSMA Impact Story highlighting the success of the school registration fees payment initiative in Côte d’Ivoire.

  7. Mobile savings and insurance for Women in Mali

    Orange Money sees an opportunity to launch two new, intertwined savings and insurance products targeted at Malian women.

  8. Mobile money for female customers in India

    Enabling microfinance loan customers to repay loan instalments using mobile money.

  9. China leading in Internet of Things deployment

    China is global leader in deployment of the Internet of Things, finds new GSMA report.

  10. An analysis of IoT transport solutions

    The use of Information Technology, sensors and communications in surface transport application.

  11. Impact Story: Vodafone Turkey Farmers’ Club

    Vodafone aims to increase productivity and income of smallholder farmers by providing actionable information.

  12. Mobile Money Savings Groups in Uganda

    'Airtel Weza' an innovative mobile money solution for savings groups. 

  13. Njorku: Mobile recruitment services across Africa

    A recruitment service that matches job-seekers with suitable and relevant vacancies.

  14. Helping India’s rural farmers with voice-based agricultural information

    Voice-based agricultural information to help rural farmers to improve farming practices.

  15. Insights from Tigo Kilimo: Delivering agronomy, weather and market price information

    Tigo Tanzania delivers information on agronomy, weather and market prices.

  16. Mercy Corps Agri-Fin Mobile: Supporting small businesses in Indonesia, Uganda and Zimbabwe

    Bringing about economic improvement and increased food security for individuals and organisations.

  17. Electrifying Off-Grid Households

    Delivering innovative stand-alone solar systems at costs lower than traditional kerosene lighting.

  18. Fostering a Digital Financial Revolution in Kenya

    Mobile Money not only a catalyst for financial inclusion.

  19. Zoona: mobile money in Zambia

    A quick and safe money transfer service, along with third-party cash-in/cash-out services.

  20. Kopo Kopo: Enabling merchants to accept mobile money in East Africa

    Enabling enterprises to capitalize on the increasing familiarity customers had with mobile money when doing business with them.

  21. Mobile microinsurance: Tigo Senegal & Telenor Pakistan

    The poor in developing countries are disproportionately impacted by financial shocks and lack safety nets to cope with crises.

  22. Life Stories: Jaipal, Remote Rural Community, India

    The accurate and reliable way to get farming related information in rural India.

  23. Life Stories: Connecting Masai Women in Kenya

    Sophia explains how she benefits from using mobile to help her business, solve health issues in the village and increase safety.

  24. Life Stories: Job information services on the Palestinian West Bank

    Souktel partners with the World Bank and the Palestinian Ministry of Education to launch a mobile JobMatch service.

  25. Life Stories: Plugging the information gap

    Shula has had her mobile for seven years and it has quickly become a vital part of her small business.

  26. KT: GiGA Island – Korea

    Giga Island has enabled language lessons through tablets and mobile phones for children.

  27. mFarm Kenya

    For many low-volume Kenyan farmers, the only source of information for crop market rates comes from the very people who are trying to buy them. 

  28. Bridging the mobile gender gap in India

    Telenor Group’s subsidiary in India is tackling this gender disparity with Project Sampark.

  29. Life Stories: Peer networking for female entrepreneurs

    Souktel must find solutions to the area’s problems using only SMS and IVR-based deployments.

  30. mFarm Kenya: Mobile Market Access

    Allowing farmers access prices and connect with buyers using their mobile phones.

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