APAC IoT Partnership Programme

Monday 1 Oct 2018 |

APAC IoT Partnership Programme image

October 2018: The GSMA APAC IoT Partnership Programme aims to accelerate the delivery of new connected devices and services on a regional and global scale. This includes the development of new initiatives and the sharing of best practice from across the region to enhance industry collaboration, supporting the growth of the IoT.

By joining our IoT partnership programme, the GSMA will support the operators to:

  1. Set up IoT labs across the region to promote IoT scalability and reduce support overhead
  2. Create a platform for media awareness of IoT innovation and leadership by the operators
  3. Create a focal point for demonstration and experience of IoT by the customers, media, and stakeholders
  4. Provide facilities for IoT partners to test devices and services, and to advise developers across the region
  5. Submit their Mobile IoT innovators to be listed in gsma.com/IoT MIoT Innovators sections for global visibility
  6. Publish their Mobile IoT innovation use cases on the GSMA APAC and IoT newsletter to promote visibility in the region

Some of the joint deliverables by the GSMA and the operators who join this programme include, but not limited to:

  1. Meet on regular basis to review initiative progress
  2. Lead and collaborate in running IoT Lab community networking events across the region
  3. Capacity building for local regulators/stakeholders
  4. Best practices support, including:
    • Provide MIoT Modules/chipset information on the GSMA web site
    • Support for adopting GSMA security guidelines and GSMA security assessments
    • NB-IoT and LTE-M Deployment guideline
    • Data privacy guidance
    • Provide emerging technology support and information to Labs on IoT policy, SIM and new technology developments
    • IoT policy and regulation updates

To join this programme, please contact Terence Wong at twong@gsma.com