Innovative Digital Authentication with Telcos and Beyond

Innovative Digital Authentication with Telcos and Beyond

Start: Friday 10 May 2024 13:30

End: Friday 10 May 2024 14:30

Venue: Online (GMT+8)

Authentication is a crucial aspect of ensuring security and privacy for users across various digital platforms. It has become imperative to develop innovative authentication methods that provide enhanced security while maintaining user convenience and keeping the cost reasonable. The telecommunications industry, being at the forefront of connectivity and communication, can play a significant role in this regard. In this webinar, we will invite industry thought leaders to discuss:

  • The evolution of authentication, from A2P SMS to carrier API
  • Key challenge in current Authentication space
  • Carrier API – revolution of authentication and beyond
  • How to promote tech industry and telcos collaboration to authentication innovation


Watch Webinar Recording
13:00 - 13:05

Welcome Remarks
Julian Gorman, Head of APAC, GSMA

13:05 - 13:50

Panel: Innovation in authentication with telcos - carrier API and beyond
Moderator: Julian Gorman, Head of APAC, GSMA



  • Kedar Gupte, Chief Mobility Business Officer, Bayobab
  • Dr. Ong Geok Chwee, CEO, Bridge Alliance
  • Stefan Kostic, Chief Executive Officer, IPification
  • Pushpendra Singh, Global Director, Mobile Authentication and Business Messaging @ Telcos, Meta
  • Dario Betti, CEO, Mobile Ecosystem Forum

13:50 - 14:00



Kedar Gupte

Chief Mobility Business Officer, Bayobab

Kedar Gupte is an Electronics & Telecommunication Engineer from India and presently work as the Chief Mobility Business Officer at Bayobab (formerly MTN GlobalConnect). MTN is Africa’s leading brand, on a mission to provide benefits of a modern digitally connected life to all the people in our continent.

Kedar is a seasoned entrepreneurial product & sales strategist with a proven track record of conceptualizing strategies and putting these into effective action plans, by bench-marking performance against key business targets. For the past 20+ years, he has worked in the Consumer Electronics, IT and Telecom sector in India, Europe, Africa, and Middle East. He lives in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Dr. Ong Geok Chwee

Chief Executive Officer, Bridge Alliance

Geok Chwee is the Chief Executive Officer of Bridge Alliance, an alliance of 34 premier telecommunication service providers covering Asia, Middle East and Africa which serve over a billion mobile subscribers. She oversees the strategy and operations of Bridge Alliance, delivering regional initiatives that enable Bridge Alliance telco members to collaborate as close partners and deliver cross border solutions for multinational corporations.

With more than 20 years of experience in the info-communications industry, Geok Chwee has extensive experience in managing the incubation, development and launch of new technologies and businesses in the enterprise sector. She championed the incubation of emerging growth businesses focusing on Platform-as-a-Service, Internet of Things, and Big Data analytics, with responsibilities spanning business development, product development, product management and product marketing.

Geok Chwee is a technology evangelist who believes in open collaboration with partners and customers, co-creating value-driven innovation to advance new growth engines.

Geok Chwee holds a Bachelor of Electrical Engineering from the National University of Singapore, a Master of Business Administration from the University of Bradford, United Kingdom and a Doctor of Innovation from Singapore Management University.

Julian Gorman

Head of Asia Pacific, GSMA

Julian, Head of Asia Pacific at GSMA, drives collaborative efforts between the mobile industry, policymakers, and ecosystems to advance digital economies. With 20+ years of global experience in Wholesale, Business, Regulatory, Policy, and Digital Transformation, he’s a pioneer in forging digital partnerships and units. His fervor lies in mobile tech as the cornerstone of economic resilience, sparking dialogues for sustainable, inclusive digital nations.

Stefan Kostic

Chief Executive Officer, IPification

Stefan has more than 10 years of experience in the fintech and telecom industries and has spearheaded business development across the Asia Pacific region for over 5 years before joining IPification. As the Chief Executive Officer, he is focused on growing the revolutionary mobile authentication technology globally.


Pushpendra Singh

Global Director, Mobile Authentication and Business Messaging @ Telcos, Meta

Pushpendra is responsible for incubating and scaling entrepreneurial, zero to one programs at Meta to unlock greater partnership value with telcos and the telco ecosystem by large. He also leads Meta’s global authentication program where he works closely with telco partners and aggregators to make authentication efficient and seamless for Meta’s Family of Apps users.

Having held various roles in the telco industry for 20 years and seen the evolution of mobile technologies, Pushpendra is excited about the opportunities business messaging will bring to both consumers and businesses and believes that the telco industry will stand to greatly benefit from partnerships and co-creation.

Dario Betti

CEO, Mobile Ecosystem Forum

Dario has been the CEO of the Mobile Ecosystem Forum since February 2019. Dario’s experience in the mobile industry goes back to 1999, first as an analyst for the market research company Ovum where he was advocating for to the nascent Mobile Service industry. Later he launched the first Mobile Internet service in Europe with the T-Mobile group.

More recently Dario rolled out innovative partnerships between telecom and digital players in Asia and the Middle East, for Ooredoo (Qatar, Indonesia, Myanmar) and Axiata (Indonesia) and as Director of Products for MTS, the leading Russian Telecom. Over the years, Dario has also taken nonexecutives director roles in IoT and Digital Marketing companies.