Regulatory training by policy experts

Regulatory training by policy experts

GSMA Advance is now offering new training courses with individual bookings now available. To find out more visit our new GSMA Advance website.


In essence, GSMA Advance is here to help raise the standard of the mobile industry’s services. Therefore, it provides quality, evidence-based training courses. So, what does this mean? Firstly, they use real, up-to-date case studies from GSMA Intelligence. As well as GSMA’s mobile policy positions and reports.

Chiefly aimed at mobile operators for regulatory training. Yet, they are also useful to any business in the industry. This is why they’re unique:

  • Unrivalled access to the entire industry ecosystem
  • Analysis from GSMA policy experts, as our courses are written by them
  • Exclusive data from GSMAi

What’s more, we can inform you on the best ways to work with global authorities. Since GSMA has expertise in dealing with them. After all, we’ve trained regulators and policymakers from 180 countries. In addition, GSMA’s policy experts work closely with governments. So, the courses can help you negotiate the right results. Such as more investment and innovation.

At the present time, courses are available for groups. Through:

  • Online training
  • Live webinars
  • Onsite training

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