Working groups

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What are working groups? 

Working towards common goals, including roaming, interconnection, billing, devices, fraud, security, and more, working groups are what make mobile work. They facilitate collaboration, consensus building and harmonisation among GSMA members, create frameworks and requirements for operational matters and influence mobile industry standardisation and solution development. 

Discover the working groups

Networks, roaming and interconnect 

Emerging technologies

eSIM and devices

Fraud and security

Key topics

Working groups support the technical evolution of the mobile industry. Find out more about projects they are working on. 

2G/3G Sunset and Voice over LTE (VoLTE) roaming

Find out what the working groups are doing to minimise the impact of network closures.

Billing and charging evolution

A simplified, flexible, optional settlement method, tailor made for future wholesale roaming needs of operators.

Benefits of working groups 

Permanent Reference Documents (PRDs), Policies and Requirements

Align with industry best practices.

Learn more

Access to tools
and services

Access a range of operational tools and services to help mobile industry personnel perform their roles more efficiently and effectively.

Communication and engagement 

Contribute to the industry’s knowledge and profile, share ideas and generate good practice. 


Enhance your company and personal reputation, and industry standing. 

Consensus building and Influencing Solutions 

Input ideas and shape industry strategy, and ensure your organisations requirements are taken into account when new specifications and standards are created. 

Issue Management 

Drive collaborative industry action.  

Education and Information Sharing 

Gain access to a large resource pool of expert knowledge to advise mobile operators and vendors on matters within working group domains via the working group community of members and GSMA support staff. 

Intelligence and alerts 

Receive knowledge that can help you implement good security controls and cut fraud losses. 

Working groups blog

Our filterable blog allows you to catch up with the topics you’re interested in, or to simply see the latest news from the working groups around the world.

Working group resources

Working group documents are on the members portal, Member Gateway. Documents can be requested by non-members with a specific and legitimate interest.


Working Group Terms of Reference

Each individual Working Group has its own terms of reference to set out the scope and remit of the group in its subject matter area. However, there are certain aspects that are common to all Working Groups and these are set out in the following generic terms of reference that apply to all groups:

  • Provide a forum for consensus building and harmonisation among members concerning the setting of frameworks and standards in respect of operational matters;
  • Liaise with and act as point of contact for external organisations in relation to matters within their remit, keeping GSMA Standards team appraised to maintain an overall picture of GSMA engagement for all external organisations;
  • Develop and maintain guidelines, recommendations and processes necessary to support efficient roaming, interconnection and interworking;
  • Provide enablers necessary for the successful development and rollout of new services;
  • Collaborate across the GSMA membership and provide expert input and contributions where necessary;
  • Develop and maintain educational materials on subject matters areas for the benefit of GSMA members;
  • Promote and monitor compliance with industry best practice and recommendations;
  • Maintain a library of official documents in accordance with GSMA defined processes; and
  • Within relevant areas of expertise, provide timely support to GSMA Programmes

I am a member of the GSMA, how can I get involved?

You can join the GSMA Working Groups on Member Gateway; you will find them under the Groups and Projects tab.

For Member Gateway assistance, please visit the Membership FAQ page.

I am not a member of the GSMA, how can I get involved?

Participation in GSMA Working Groups is exclusive to GSMA Members. If you would like to find out more about GSMA Membership, or become a Member, please visit GSMA Membership website.

Where can I find out more about GSMA Membership?

Visit GSMA Membership website for more information.