GSMA Foundation

The GSMA Foundation

The GSMA Mobile for Development Foundation, Inc. (referred to as the GSMA Foundation throughout) was created in 2007 to demonstrate the positive social and economic impact of mobile technology.

The GSMA Foundation brings together mobile operators, donors and partners and the international development community to develop and engage in projects that utilise mobile communications to support underserved and vulnerable populations, and we have two principal areas of focus:

Mobile for Development – Driving innovation in digital technology to reduce inequalities in our world

Singularly positioned at the intersection of the mobile ecosystem and the development sector, we stimulate digital innovation to deliver both sustainable business and large-scale socio-economic or climate impact for the underserved.

Our unique research and insights platform advances digital innovations and implementations that empower underserved populations to build a better future. Our in-market expertise informs partnerships between the mobile industry, tech innovators, governments and the development sector. And our unparalleled convening power motivates conversations and inspires action.

Our Mobile for Development programmes help to identify opportunities and deliver innovations with socio-economic impact, in climate, financial services, health, agriculture, digital identity, energy, water, sanitation, disaster resilience and gender equality.

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Our current geographic footprint

Our current geographic footprint


Tech4Girls is part of the GSMA’s commitment to reducing the gender gap in the tech and mobile industry.

We run hands-on educational workshops for girls, where participants learn about different technologies, hear from industry leaders and gain a better understanding of careers in tech. Tech4Girls aims to make younger females feel welcome and empowered in the industry and to overcome gender barriers in relation to access and use of digital technologies. This important work will shape the workforce of tomorrow, ensuring that this new group provides the diverse skills and perspectives needed for the industry to thrive.

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