A group of joyful schoolchildren in uniforms, including kids wearing hijabs, smiling and taking a selfie together with a smartphone to celebrate connectivity.

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Strengthening the mobile industry’s contribution to a better future.

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A woman harvesting tea leaves in a lush, terraced field with colorful digital lines representing connectivity overlaying the natural landscape.

2023 Mobile Industry Impact Report: Sustainable Development Goals 

A close-up photo of a curling ocean wave, capturing the dynamic motion and splash of sea water, intelligently connecting viewers to the sheer power of nature, with a clear blue sky in the background

Mobile Net Zero 2024: State of the Industry on Climate Action 

Video: AI for Impact Expert Series 

Our programmes

Discover how the mobile industry is addressing some of society’s greatest challenges and improving the lives of people around the world. 

AI for Impact

Scaling mobile big data analytics and AI for a better future.

Climate Action 

Transitioning the mobile industry to net zero by 2050. 

International Relations 

Building strategic international relationships to drive collaboration on global challenges. 


Embedding sustainability and ESG best practices into the heart of business strategy. 

Our initiatives

Find out how the GSMA is bringing together the mobile industry with governments and NGOs for a multi-sector approach to positively impact society.

Breaking Barriers

Breaking down barriers to digital inclusion by addressing the usage gap. 

We Care

A multi-stakeholder initiative to deliver local solutions with a positive impact on society.

External Affairs thought leadership

Videos, toolkits, case studies and more – discover a wealth of information and analysis with our expert thought leadership. 

External Affairs events 

Our events highlight industry best practices, the latest research, expert knowledge and tools to address the most pressing issues facing the world today. For more information on our events, specific requests for speakers or related activities, please contact betterfuture@gsma.com 

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