Taking mobile further

Our industry evolves by adapting to and adopting the latest technologies in the most effective way. See how we are helping to maximise the potential of new, existing and emerging technologies, through collaboration, regulation and interoperability, to benefit businesses, consumers and the wider ecosystem.

5G and Networks

Bringing the broader ecosystem together to facilitate global 5G interoperability and help define the next generation of mobile.

Internet of things

Supporting and advancing the global adoption of 5G IoT, including accelerating the delivery of its new connected devices and services.


See how we are working with our members to enhance mobile industry security, by defining specifications, analysing the threat landscape and much more.

Mobile identity

Understanding the role of identity as an enabler for other services and trends, from fraud detection to IoT, plus highlighting its commercial opportunities.


Evolving the SIM card to an embedded solution (eSIM) through an ecosystem of industry players, to facilitate sustainability, improved user experience and adoption of the IoT. 

Artificial intelligence

Explore the initiatives creating a community of the brightest minds in AI, from driving thought leadership and building new AI apps to sharing lessons learned.