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Public policy

We advocate for governments, regulators and international bodies to adopt measures that enable the mobile sector to meet the world’s growing digital connectivity needs. 

Latest in public policy

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Energising mobile network investment: A guide to supportive policies

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2024 Mobile Policy Handbook: The insider’s guide to the issues

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Safety, privacy and security across the mobile ecosystem

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Mobile Policy Handbook 

A compilation of mobile industry positions on a range of policy and regulatory topics, this handbook is the perfect entry point to understand the issues and discover links to in-depth analysis.  

About spectrum

Discover how the GSMA’s team of experts works with government and industry stakeholders to ensure long-term planning and clarity on spectrum access. 

Public policy thought leadership 

Videos, reports, case studies and more – discover a wealth of information and analysis with our expert thought leadership. 

Public policy events

Our events highlight cutting-edge research and best practice and provide a forum to discuss the most pressing issues facing policymakers and regulators today. 

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