Mobile Policy Handbook – 2024 Edition

The GSMA believes that a country’s citizens benefit most when the private and public sectors work together in a spirit of openness and trust. Acknowledging the shared goals of attracting digital investment, encouraging innovation and building digital trust, we are committed to helping governments and regulators achieve positive outcomes for the digital economy and society through effective, forward-looking telecommunications policies.

The Mobile Policy Handbook: An Insider’s Guide to the Issues is an effort by the GSMA to promote this collaboration.

A unique resource that assembles a range of policy topics and global mobile industry positions under one cover, the handbook is an informative primer, a signpost for good practice and an index of resources for those who want to maximise the value of digital connectivity in their own market.

This ninth edition of the Mobile Policy Handbook is intentionally leaner, with renewed focus on the essential topics and the collective view of mobile network operators worldwide. Cover to cover, new positions have been added and long-standing topics have been refreshed with timely background information, up-to-date statistics and more recent resources that help readers go deeper.