Capacity Building Training for Regulators and Policymakers

Delivering free, high-quality training and resources to policymakers and regulators

Our mission is to help policymakers and regulators keep pace with the latest industry developments through training courses that highlight examples of regulatory best practice from around the world.

The GSMA Capacity Building programme offers an extensive range of free training courses for policymakers and regulators. Since the programme’s launch in 2013, it has rapidly established itself as the world’s premier provider of specialist telecoms regulatory training.

To allow policymakers and regulators maximum flexibility in how they learn, we offer our courses both face-to-face and online. Our face-to-face courses are delivered globally through a range of strategic partnerships. Our online courses are offered year-round and allow students to study at their own pace from anywhere in the world. No matter which method students choose, our training helps keep policymakers and regulators abreast of current industry trends and how they affect the delivery of mobile services in countries around the world. To learn more about our programme or to register for an upcoming online course, visit our eLearning portal.