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The GSMA hosts a number of industry focused forums such as Connected Fintech, Connected Manufacturing, Tower & Fibre, Automotive and Aviation (Smart Mobility) that serve to bring GSMA members and key industry stakeholders together around common sector-specific goals and challenges.

The aim of these forums is to create an environment that facilitates discussion, collaboration and ultimately action that drives technological or commercial advancement in these areas.

Many of these forums comprise of Sector Members as well as Operator and Industry Members and GSMA Activity Contributors (see our member directory). The GSMA Sector Member category of membership meets the needs of organisations in the wider mobile ecosystem that can benefit from understanding first-hand the emerging trends in mobile and technology evolution as well as closer working with mobile operators and other GSMA Members.

Tower & Fibre Forum

Mobile towers and the associated infrastructure are the key ingredients in delivering ultra-fast mobile connectivity into the hands of subscribers around the globe. With the advent of 5G, and future generation technologies just around the corner, what collaborative requirements are wanted for tower companies, infrastructure vendors and mobile network operators alike – from the densification of network infrastructure, upscaling network and edge compute capabilities to alternative infrastructure models (e.g. HAPS). GSMA membership provides the platform through which Tower & Fibre companies can understand and shape the answers to these questions as well as engaging key stakeholders across the mobile infrastructure community and beyond.

The Tower & Fibre Forum meeting at MWC Barcelona 2022 was attended by over 50 delegates representing 42 companies. The roundtable was chaired by Henry Calvert, Head of Networks at the GSMA. This roundtable addressed the Impact of HAPS (Intelsat), 5G RAN (Cellnex), Private Networks (American Tower), New Technologies (Transcelestial), Planning for the 5G Connected Era (MD7).

The Tower & Fibre Forum Roundtable at MWC Las Vegas 2022 was attended by over 60 delegates. The roundtable was chaired by Henry Calvert, Head of Networks at the GSMA. This roundtable addressed “New Cell Site Rollout” with Jesse Nichols of Houlihan Lokey, “Fibre & Rural Fibre” with Chaz Kramer of Zayo, “Digital Infrastructure” with Jonathan Adelstein of Digital Bridge and “Managing the Underlying Assets” with Thomas Leddo of MD7.

The full audio recording, slides and meeting reports are available to GSMA members in Member Gateway.

5G Innovation and Investment Group (5G IN) Forum

GSMA 5G IN (5G Innovation and Investment Group) is helping to grow and leverage the rapidly expanding 5G start-up community. It was created by GSMA with 12 co-founding members: China Mobile Capital, China Telecom Investment, China Unicom Capital, China Mobile State Investment, China Broadband Capital, Chenshan Capital, Huawei, ZTE, Orient Securities Capital, CSDN, Shenzhen Valley Ventures and Deloitte China.

Established to meet the needs of the start-up community, 5G IN Activity Members can gain insights from leading investment organisations and academic communities in the mobile industry; connect with other high-quality start-ups in the fields of AI, IoT, edge computing, cloud computing, big data, 5G network, security, chipset, AR/VR/XR, Fintech & vertical applications; and foster innovation and investment to drive the commercialisation of 5G applications.

Connected Manufacturing and Production Forum

Previously known as Digital Industries Forum, the Connected Manufacturing and Production Forum brings together leading operators, mobile ecosystem player, enterprises, manufacturing and industrial companies from around the world in order to derive even more value for key stakeholders in the industrial space. 5G and related technologies are powering the Industry 4.0 era by enabling manufacturing companies and their supply chain partners the opportunity to utilise emerging technologies such as AI, Industrial Metaverse, Digital Twins to give vastly improved visibility and flexibility over all aspects of their business.

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Connected Fintech and Commerce Forum

The mobile ecosystem is at the heart of fintech. GSMA members and financial services partners have seen great value in coming together to review areas of common interest. The GSMA FinTech Forum leads the conversation with the mobile community to explore key issues, monitor and guide the developments in fintech such as Digital Assets, Payments, Metaverse, Social Engineering, and more whilst providing opportunities to collaborate, build and deploy new solutions. 

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