Connected Manufacturing and Production Forum

GSMA Connected Manufacturing and Production Forum brings together mobile network operators, enterprises, and the broader ecosystem to accelerate the benefits of 5G technologies in the industrial sector.

As the industrial revolution continues towards digitalisation and connected intelligence, billions of real-time data points are collected by intelligent connected devices and sensors within the industrial setting. 5G wireless connectivity delivers low-latency and high bandwidth features, supporting near real-time processing, and together with other enabling technologies such as such as edge computing and artificial intelligence, can drive efficiencies, flexibility, and new possibilities from product development to decarbonisation and worker safety. 

Together we explore all aspects of the industrial value chain, from raw material extraction, refining, supply chain, component production, assembly, to smart warehousing.

Our Aim

By creating an environment that facilitates knowledge sharing and collaboration, the GSMA Connected  Manufacturing and Production community aims to:

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