Building the foundation for the future of mobile

Our mission is to ensure mobile operators have timely and affordable access to appropriate spectrum. Without it, mobile operators can’t meet the growing demand for high-speed, mobile broadband services with good coverage in all parts of the world.

Spectrum is a finite resource essential for so many vital communications services. However, it holds no value until used by mobile operators to build networks and create valued services for all citizens.

Sufficient internationally harmonised spectrum is essential to ensure the quality that consumers and businesses have come to expect, and rely on, from mobile networks. Therefore, governments should put in place regulatory frameworks that fuel network investments. Policies need to foster widespread coverage and affordable, high-speed services.

For this to work, spectrum assignments should go to the services and mobile operators that can generate the most value to society. Importantly, governments should prioritise improved mobile broadband services, ahead of revenue maximisation, when awarding and renewing spectrum licences.

The GSMA believes governments and mobile industry must work together, collectively helping launch innovative services and connecting more people.