Mobile Identity and Data enable the digital transformation of verticals and governments. Building trust in the digital space is a crucial challenge. The mobile industry has a leading role to play in digital identity, and the commercial opportunities are significant due to the industry’s unique assets.

Identity is also a key enabler for mobile operators’ business, as it ensues the security of their operations, the protection of customer identity and privacy, and the continued improvement of user experience.

The GSMA supports its members with their identity initiatives, as they pursue new business growth opportunities and the digital transformation of their own operations.

Our vision is to provide value for our membership in three main areas:

  • Scaling mobile identity solutions globally, through showcasing successful mobile identity solutions and use cases, hearing about market needs from verticals and mobile industry partners, and promoting the sharing of best practices
  • Enabling industry collaboration, by bringing members together to define industry specifications and guidelines
  • Monitoring the identity market, and highlighting key identity technological developments, innovation and market trends