As the digital economy expands, businesses, individuals and civil authorities are looking for ways to increase new forms of interaction without compromising security and privacy. The GSMA Identity Programme aims to help all members of the digital community find the optimum balance between privacy, security and convenience.

In line with the objectives of the telecoms industry, the GSMA and its operator partners have prioritised the development of such digital identity services. Working together, they aim to bring to market digital identity solutions that provide a safe, seamless and convenient consumer experience that will support the rapid growth of a new generation of digital services.

Introducing Mobile Connect

Developed by the GSMA and its operator partners, Mobile Connect is a convenient and secure universal log-in solution with privacy protection. By using the inherent security of the mobile devices carried by consumers, Mobile Connect can provide authentication at a number of security levels on any device (PC, mobile or tablet). It reduces the need for consumers to remember multiple usernames and passwords, thereby lowering the likelihood of abandoned shopping carts and increasing sales for online businesses.