Identity Hangout: Identity Management in RCS payments


Monday 7 Oct 2019 | Resources | Videos |

Authentication, identity verification and data management are crucial to successful eCommerce transactions and payment fulfilment. The GSMA was joined by Pavan Challa, Director of Product Management at Verizon, in explaining how mobile network operators ca

Seminar Presentations: The Future of Digital Identity in China – MWC19 Shanghai


Wednesday 10 Jul 2019 | Resources |

Hosted by the GSMA Identity team, the region's leading experts explored the visions and opportunities of digital identity in China.  You can download presentations from the event below.

Report: Mobile Connect Turbocharges New Services


Friday 12 Apr 2019 | Resources |

How Turkcell’s mobile authentication service is helping Turkey’s start-ups to grow This case study explores how Turkcell is harnessing the global Mobile Connect authentication solution to support its own digital ...

Identity Hangout: Decentralised Identity – Material


Thursday 28 Mar 2019 | Presentation |

The GSMA Identity team was joined by Andrew Tobin from Evernym to discuss the role of identity and the mobile industry in decentralised identity.

MWC19 Barcelona Seminar Presentations


Monday 18 Mar 2019 | Presentation |

The industry seminars at Mobile World Congress have developed a reputation for being one of the leading ways in which to discover the plans and motives of any given market. Below, you can view and download expert presentations

Mobile Connect Platforms & Operations services


Thursday 14 Mar 2019 | Publication | Resources |

The GSMA offers a series of technical platforms and services designed to help mobile network operators and service providers deploy Mobile Connect successfully. This document contains information corresponding to the below platforms and operations services

Identity Guide MWCB19


Tuesday 19 Feb 2019 | Presentation | Publication | Resources | Videos |

With mobile internet traffic accounting for more than half of all global online traffic, the nature of digital identity is changing. Our impressions and personal information are increasingly linked to - and dependent on - companion devices...

Presentation: Identity Hangout Delivering Identity Services


Monday 17 Dec 2018 | Presentation | Resources |

The first Identity Hangout: Delivering Identity Services on 5 December explored the value and commercial scalability of mobile-based identity services. The online event was targeted at mobile network operators aiming...

Presentations from M360 Series – Russia & CIS


Friday 2 Nov 2018 | Presentation | Resources |

The 2018 GSMA Mobile 360 Series – Russia & CIS was a regionally-focused event drawing on global case studies for senior-level leaders from government & regulatory bodies, the international ICT industry and other economic ...

Presentations: Delivering Commercial Success Through Identity Services


Monday 22 Oct 2018 | Presentation | Resources |

The GSMA Identity recently partnered with Turkcell to co-host an event in Istanbul which explored Turkey's journey towards becoming the first Mobile Connect commercially sustainable market. Featuring  global mobile network operators, ...

Mobile Connect Workshop Presentations at MWCA Identity Seminar


Monday 15 Oct 2018 | Presentation | Resources |

The seminar Mobile Connect Seminar: Reducing Fraud through Secure Authentication and ID Verification Services, brought together h wider mobile ecosystem aiming to prevent fraud by providing strong digital ...

Mobile Connect Workshop Presentation at Mobile 360 Digital Societies in Bangkok


Wednesday 12 Sep 2018 | Presentation | Resources |

The Mobile Connect workshop: Delivering commercial success through identity services attendees had the opportunity to learn the value and commercial scalability of mobile-based identity services in the Asia-Pacific ...

Distributed Ledger Technology, Blockchains and Identity: A Regulatory Overview


Thursday 6 Sep 2018 | Publication | Resources |

This paper provides an overview of the relevant regulations for the use of distributed ledger technologies (DLT) and blockchains for digital identity. Digital identity is the basis for nearly all digital businesses and a key enabler ...

Digital Identity: Global Trends and Highlights from the United States


Monday 3 Sep 2018 | Publication | Resources |

Mobile internet traffic now accounts for more than half of all global online traffic, reaching 51.2% of the world’s total this year. There are now 8.8 billion mobile connections globally, among over 5 billion individual mobile ...

Digital Identity: Trends and News in China and South East Asia


Thursday 9 Aug 2018 | Publication | Resources |

We are living through an exciting time for digital commerce in Asia. According to the Asian Development Bank, e-commerce in Asia as a whole now makes up around a quarter of all annual B2C transactions worldwide.  This booklet contains ...

MWCS18 Identity Innovation Labs Presentations


Monday 2 Jul 2018 | Presentation | Resources |

The Identity Innovation Labs at Mobile World Congress Shanghai 2018 were a set of three stand-alone industry discussions on the latest developments in digital identity. Featuring a range of experts, these sessions were designed to help ...

Turkcell: Taking the next step in Identity with Mobile Connect


Sunday 20 May 2018 | Publication | Resources |

Turkcell are now leveraging Mobile Connect to actively develop services they believe will be the basis of a new revenue stream. In this case study find out what steps Turkcell are taking to leverage the full potential of Mobile ...

Mobile Connect live use cases


Wednesday 25 Apr 2018 | Publication | Resources |

The Mobile Connect live use cases are a list of examples of how the identity solution has been deployed with various services.  Each use case harnesses one or more Mobile Connect products and provides insight into how the identity ...

Digital Identity: Realising Smart Cities


Tuesday 27 Mar 2018 | Publication | Resources |

As we look further ahead to the mid-century, intelligent public services will move beyond the mechanical: two decades from now, increasingly complex and sensitive aspects of our lives will be connected to city infrastructure via ...

Industry Seminar Presentations from MWC18: Regulations and Attributes


Thursday 22 Mar 2018 | Publication | Resources |

Every month reveals a series of innovative ways to utilise data and new applications that could potentially transform everyday life. The mobile industry’s flagship event, Mobile World Congress, provides a glimpse into the market’s latest offerings...