MWC23 Barcelona Highlight – Mobile Identity APIs: The Road to Success


Tuesday 14 Mar 2023 | Identity and Data | Presentation | Resources |

Discover the mobile identity strategy of leading mobile operators and industry partners at MWC23 Barcelona. Find out how they navigate the unique mobile identity landscape, from technology through data protection to partnerships.

MWC23 Barcelona Highlight – Digital Identity: Towards a New Paradigm?


Tuesday 14 Mar 2023 | Identity and Data | Presentation | Resources |

What is on the horizon for identity? Our speakers examined major identity trends and their implications for the mobile industry at MWC23 Barcelona.

TeleSign discusses Identity at MWC22 Barcelona


Wednesday 4 May 2022 | Identity and Data | MWC22 | Resources | Videos |

The GSMA team caught up with Guillaume Bourcy, Vice President, Data and Identity Solution from TeleSign at MWC22 Barcelona to hear about what's next for identity and data. 

MWC22 Barcelona: Identity and Data – Monetising Identity Innovations


Thursday 24 Mar 2022 | MWC22 | Resources | Videos |

As part of the Security Summit sponsored by Palo Alto Networks and Kaspersky, our team hosted the Identity & Data – Monetising Identity Innovations session at MWC22 Barcelona with TeleSign, ANT Group and SK Telecom.

M360 APAC – New Digital: Customer Revenues and Relationships


Friday 8 Oct 2021 | Financial Services | Resources | Videos |

Watch the M360 APAC - New Digital: Customer Revenues and Relationships webinar

MWC21 Barcelona: Hexagon Group


Monday 19 Jul 2021 | Financial Services | Resources | Video Series | Videos |

Andraž Oblak, CEO at Hexagon Group shares his thoughts and insights into their real-time fraud prevention solution for telco operators to offer to financial services and banks in order to validate or check their clients’ status.

Commercial Opportunities from Identity Solutions – Catch-up


Friday 18 Jun 2021 | ID Events | Identity and Data | Resources | Videos |

Hear identity experts discuss and explore how mobile operators can address pain points in selected verticals.

Turkcell Telco Anti Fraud


Tuesday 27 Apr 2021 | Financial Services | Resources | Video Series | Videos |

Turkcell has launched their solution, Telco Anti Fraud, using AI machine learning, API based software and telco infrastructure to detect and protect customers from fraud threats.

GSMA Financial Services Community Meeting#4 Catch Up


Monday 19 Apr 2021 | Financial Services | Financial Services Community Meeting #4 | Resources | Videos |

Catch up on the latest GSMA Financial Services Community Meeting focusing on malicious mobile threats within the FinTech landscape.

Barclays – Mobile Authentication


Thursday 15 Apr 2021 | Financial Services | Resources | Video Series |

Watch the latest video from Barclays to see how they are using the mobile authentication functionality of number verify within their app when customers register their details safely and securely.   

Singtel – Phone Scams


Wednesday 24 Mar 2021 | Financial Services | Video Series |

Watch the latest video from Singtel to learn about phone scams, what to look out for when fraudsters are using Singtel's name with callers claiming to be Singtel technicians, security.

GSMA Financial Services Community Meeting#3 Catch Up


Thursday 11 Feb 2021 | Financial Services | Financial Services Community Meeting #3 | Resources | Videos |

Catch up on the latest GSMA Financial Services Community Meeting focusing on mobile authentication and number verification.

GSMA Financial Services Community Meeting#2 Catch Up


Thursday 10 Dec 2020 | Financial Services | Financial Services Community Meeting #2 | Presentation | Resources | Videos |

Watch the GSMA Financial Services Community Meeting and download the speakers’ presentations. On Wednesday, 9 December 2020, the Identity team hosted the second 'GSMA Financial Services Community Meeting' webinar. In this ...

GSMA Thrive Latin America: Identity Live Catch Up


Wednesday 9 Dec 2020 | Resources | Videos |

Catch up on GSMA Thrive Latin America Digital Identity: A 360 view of recent developments in the field of Identity & data services webinar and download the speakers’ presentations. On ...

GSMA Financial Services Community Meeting#1 Catch Up


Friday 23 Oct 2020 | Financial Services | Financial Services Community Meeting #1 | Resources | Videos |

Watch the GSMA Financial Services Community Meeting and download the speakers’ presentations. On Thursday, 22 October, the Identity team hosted the first 'GSMA Financial Services Community Meeting' webinar. In this webinar ...

Europol: Internet Organised Crime Threat Assessment (IOCTA)


Tuesday 13 Oct 2020 | Financial Services | Publication | Resources |

Strategic, policy and tactical updates on the fight against cybercrime Each year, Europol’s 

ID Talks Live #1: Credit Risk Scoring


Friday 9 Oct 2020 | Financial Services | ID Events | Resources | Videos |

Watch the ID Talks Live #1: Credit Risk Scoring webinar and download the speakers’ presentations.   On Thursday, 8 October 2020, the Identity team hosted the first 'ID Talks Live' webinar. In this webinar, ...

Report: Mobile Identity, Enabling The Digital World


Wednesday 8 Jul 2020 |

This report sets out the capabilities operators have in 'Mobile identity’, some of the more important use cases to which those capabilities can be put, and some of the key issues to bear in mind while doing so.

Identity Hangout: The future happening now


Wednesday 12 Feb 2020 | Resources | Videos |

The GSMA was in conversation with Ea Chaillioux, VP Ecosystem Engagement, Digital business Unit at IDEMIA discussing what’s digital identity, the revenues for mobile network operators behind digital identity and more at the last Identity Hangout.

Seminar Presentations: From Risk scoring to Blockchain – Analysing Revenue Streams in Digital Identity


Thursday 7 Nov 2019 | Resources |

Aimed at operators and the wider digital services community, this session will showcase the growth of digital identity services around the globe and in particular developments in the US market.  It will also look at the growing need for identity technology

Identity Hangout: Identity Management in RCS payments


Monday 7 Oct 2019 | Resources | Videos |

Authentication, identity verification and data management are crucial to successful eCommerce transactions and payment fulfilment. The GSMA was joined by Pavan Challa, Director of Product Management at Verizon, in explaining how mobile network operators ca

Seminar Presentations: The Future of Digital Identity in China – MWC19 Shanghai


Wednesday 10 Jul 2019 | Resources |

Hosted by the GSMA Identity team, the region's leading experts explored the visions and opportunities of digital identity in China.  You can download presentations from the event below.

Report: Mobile Connect Turbocharges New Services


Friday 12 Apr 2019 | Resources |

How Turkcell’s mobile authentication service is helping Turkey’s start-ups to grow This case study explores how Turkcell is harnessing the global Mobile Connect authentication solution to support its own digital ...

Identity Hangout: Decentralised Identity – Material


Thursday 28 Mar 2019 | Presentation |

The GSMA Identity team was joined by Andrew Tobin from Evernym to discuss the role of identity and the mobile industry in decentralised identity.

Identity Guide MWCB19


Tuesday 19 Feb 2019 | Presentation | Publication | Resources | Videos |

With mobile internet traffic accounting for more than half of all global online traffic, the nature of digital identity is changing. Our impressions and personal information are increasingly linked to - and dependent on - companion devices...

Video: The future of identity is now


Tuesday 19 Feb 2019 | Resources | Videos |

Digital identity has never been so crucial. Over 70 operators in nearly 40 markets are working together to offer secure and private identity management services with Mobile Connect.

Presentation: Identity Hangout Delivering Identity Services


Monday 17 Dec 2018 | Presentation | Resources |

The first Identity Hangout: Delivering Identity Services on 5 December explored the value and commercial scalability of mobile-based identity services. The online event was targeted at mobile network operators aiming...

Presentations from M360 Series – Russia & CIS


Friday 2 Nov 2018 | Presentation | Resources |

The 2018 GSMA Mobile 360 Series – Russia & CIS was a regionally-focused event drawing on global case studies for senior-level leaders from government & regulatory bodies, the international ICT industry and other economic ...

Presentations: Delivering Commercial Success Through Identity Services


Monday 22 Oct 2018 | Presentation | Resources |

The GSMA Identity recently partnered with Turkcell to co-host an event in Istanbul which explored Turkey's journey towards becoming the first Mobile Connect commercially sustainable market. Featuring  global mobile network operators, ...

Mobile Connect Workshop Presentations at MWCA Identity Seminar


Monday 15 Oct 2018 | Presentation | Resources |

The seminar Mobile Connect Seminar: Reducing Fraud through Secure Authentication and ID Verification Services, brought together h wider mobile ecosystem aiming to prevent fraud by providing strong digital ...

Mobile Connect Workshop Presentation at Mobile 360 Digital Societies in Bangkok


Wednesday 12 Sep 2018 | Presentation | Resources |

The Mobile Connect workshop: Delivering commercial success through identity services attendees had the opportunity to learn the value and commercial scalability of mobile-based identity services in the Asia-Pacific ...

Distributed Ledger Technology, Blockchains and Identity: A Regulatory Overview


Thursday 6 Sep 2018 | Publication | Resources |

This paper provides an overview of the relevant regulations for the use of distributed ledger technologies (DLT) and blockchains for digital identity. Digital identity is the basis for nearly all digital businesses and a key enabler ...

Digital Identity: Global Trends and Highlights from the United States


Monday 3 Sep 2018 | Publication | Resources |

Mobile internet traffic now accounts for more than half of all global online traffic, reaching 51.2% of the world’s total this year. There are now 8.8 billion mobile connections globally, among over 5 billion individual mobile ...

Digital Identity: Trends and News in China and South East Asia


Thursday 9 Aug 2018 | Publication | Resources |

We are living through an exciting time for digital commerce in Asia. According to the Asian Development Bank, e-commerce in Asia as a whole now makes up around a quarter of all annual B2C transactions worldwide.  This booklet contains ...

MWCS18 Identity Innovation Labs Presentations


Monday 2 Jul 2018 | Presentation | Resources |

The Identity Innovation Labs at Mobile World Congress Shanghai 2018 were a set of three stand-alone industry discussions on the latest developments in digital identity. Featuring a range of experts, these sessions were designed to help ...

Turkcell: Taking the next step in Identity with Mobile Connect


Sunday 20 May 2018 | Publication | Resources |

Turkcell are now leveraging Mobile Connect to actively develop services they believe will be the basis of a new revenue stream. In this case study find out what steps Turkcell are taking to leverage the full potential of Mobile ...

Mobile Connect live use cases


Wednesday 25 Apr 2018 | Publication | Resources |

The Mobile Connect live use cases are a list of examples of how the identity solution has been deployed with various services.  Each use case harnesses one or more Mobile Connect products and provides insight into how the identity ...

Digital Identity: Realising Smart Cities


Tuesday 27 Mar 2018 | Publication | Resources |

As we look further ahead to the mid-century, intelligent public services will move beyond the mechanical: two decades from now, increasingly complex and sensitive aspects of our lives will be connected to city infrastructure via ...

Industry Seminar Presentations from MWC18: Regulations and Attributes


Thursday 22 Mar 2018 | Publication | Resources |

Every month reveals a series of innovative ways to utilise data and new applications that could potentially transform everyday life. The mobile industry’s flagship event, Mobile World Congress, provides a glimpse into the market’s latest offerings...

Strong Mobile Customer Authentication under PSD2: Comparisons and Considerations


Monday 19 Feb 2018 | Publication | Resources |

The new PSD2 regulations will bring about major changes to the digital security landscape. Among the most significant of these will be the requirement to use strong customer authentication (SCA) in remote payment transactions. ...

Mobile Connect for Cross-Border Digital Services: Lessons Learned from the eIDAS Pilot


Monday 19 Feb 2018 | Publication | Resources |

The GSMA has released the results of the Mobile Connect and eIDAS implementation pilot. The year-long collaboration brought together several public and private sector organisations seeking to accelerate the uptake of trusted and secure ...

Mobile Authentication: Capitalising on China’s Identity Market


Thursday 21 Dec 2017 | Publication | Resources |

China Mobile have firmly established themselves in the digital identity market. The network operator’s identity service, Mobile Authentication, offers a range of authentication capabilities, and is live in several different commercial ...

Mobile Connect in the GSMA Innovation City @MWC18


Tuesday 12 Dec 2017 | Publication | Resources |

Mobile Connect, the mobile industry's identity solution, will be present at Mobile World Congress' GSMA Innovation City where attendees will have the opportunity to experience it in a variety of contexts. Showcasing its ...

Presentations from the Mobile Connect Summit Singapore


Tuesday 12 Dec 2017 | Presentation | Resources |

The Mobile Connect Summit was a forum for all stakeholders engaged with digital identity and  addressed the status of Mobile Connect deployments both globally and in the Asian market. You can download presentations from the event ...

Mobile Connect Privacy Principles


Tuesday 14 Nov 2017 | Publication | Resources |

The Mobile Connect Privacy Principles are intended to guide the use of personal information in Mobile Connect branded services. Mobile Connect enables verified authentication, authorization, identity and attribute solutions from ...

MWCA Mobile Connect Seminar Presentations


Tuesday 10 Oct 2017 | Presentation | Resources |

The Mobile Connect Seminar at the 2017 Mobile World Congress Americas was designed for operators and digital service providers looking to offer secure identity services to their customers. Highlighting the global growth of Mobile ...

Operator cooperation in South Korea has created a successful identity solution


Monday 18 Sep 2017 | Publication | Resources |

To ensure broad service provider adoption, SKT and the other Korean operators realised that they needed to offer a single identity solution with full market coverage, and subsequently worked together to offer unified technical and ...

Driving Mobile Connect Usage – Turkcell


Saturday 13 May 2017 | Publication | Resources |

Looking to improve its customers’ experience and further differentiate its proposition, Turkcell launched Mobile Connect initially on its self-care mobile application and website, which attracts high volumes of traffic. In this case ...

Mobile Connect London Summit: Presentations


Friday 28 Apr 2017 | Presentation | Resources |

Taking place on the 25th and 26th April, the Mobile Connect London Summit was a forum for leading figures in the wider mobile industry to debate the most pressing issues in the digital identity market, and how these could be overcome ...

The PSD2 Opportunity: Mobile Operators and Fintech


Wednesday 19 Apr 2017 | Publication | Resources |

This paper discusses the opportunities relating to the partnership between mobile network operators and fintech companies, and how both parties can benefit from each others' capabilities. The paper explores how mobile operators are ...

SK Telecom: Integrating Existing Identity Solutions into Mobile Connect


Tuesday 18 Apr 2017 | Publication | Resources |

In December 2016, SKT adapted both T-Auth and T-ID to comply with the Mobile Connect specifications. The goal was to make it easier for international customers to use SKT’s apps and services, and to increase the appeal of T-Auth and ...

Seminar Presentations from Mobile World Congress 2017


Thursday 16 Mar 2017 | Presentation | Resources |

Mobile World Congress 2017 hosted three industry seminars on Mobile Connect and the future of digital identity.  You can find out more about each of these subjects by downloading the presentations below.   Mobile ...

SIM Toolkit Device Requirements to Improve Mobile Connect Customer Experience


Tuesday 10 Jan 2017 | Publication | Resources |

This document presents the requirements for the device to improve the user experience of the Mobile Connect SIM applet authenticator. The ETSI (The European Telecommunications Standards Institute) TS 102 223 describes the interface ...

Mobile Connect demonstrations


Friday 25 Nov 2016 | Resources | Videos |

As Mobile Connect advances, more examples of its uses continue to emerge. These two videos are the latest demonstrations of Mobile Connect in action. The first illustrates how Mobile Connect can be used to with biometrics, to gain ...

Mobile Connect: mobile high-security authentication


Monday 10 Oct 2016 | Publication | Resources |

This non-technical paper is designed to address security questions related to authentication, especially with respect to payments, banking and online commerce. It explains how Mobile Connect can deliver improved security and privacy ...

Telco’s mobile based digital authentication and identity in digital ecosystem and economy


Monday 3 Oct 2016 | Publication | Resources |

This report was produced by Deloitte India for the August edition of Communications Today. An estimated 650 million people will be online in India by 2020, with the ...

How Mobile Connect Can Transform Digital Banking


Monday 19 Sep 2016 | Publication | Resources |

Consumers like the convenience of being able to bank and transact online using a PC, tablet or smartphone. However, the available authentication procedures involving multiple usernames, passwords, security codes and automated telephone ...

Mobile Connect – Indian Overview


Sunday 4 Sep 2016 | Publication | Resources |

Mobile Connect is now available to more than 800 million consumers across India. Mobile network operators (MNOs) offering Mobile Connect services are Aircel, Bharti Airtel, Idea, Tata Teleservices Ltd, Telenor and Vodafone. This ...

Towards Shared Principles for Public and Private Sector Cooperation


Friday 29 Jul 2016 | Publication | Resources |

The ability to prove one’s identity is increasingly recognized as the basis for participation in social, political, economic, and cultural life. Yet at least a billion people in developing countries lack any form of officially ...

Video: Mobile Connect in India


Wednesday 27 Jul 2016 | Resources | Videos |

India is undergoing a digital revolution. The country's strong economic growth and rising number of connections is transforming everyday life. This represents a huge opportunity for digital service providers who now have far greater ...

Video: MWC16 Seminar Highlights – Driving Global Economic Growth Through Secure Mobile Identity Verification


Sunday 24 Jul 2016 | Resources | Videos |

Mobile Connect: Driving Global Economic Growth Through Secure Mobile Identity Verification This seminar focuses on how Mobile Connect can drive uptake and support digital transformation in sectors and governments. ...

Advancing Digital Societies in Asia


Sunday 19 Jun 2016 | Publication | Resources |

Personal access to affordable and reliable Internet connectivity is the foundation of a digital society. As a nation’s government and business activities become more digitised, digital citizenry increasingly becomes a prerequisite for ...

Video: Mobile Is Everything – Mobile Connect


Monday 22 Feb 2016 | Blog | Resources | Videos |

The power of Mobile Connect in spoken word poetry. Mobile Connect is a secure universal identity solution. Simply by matching the user to their mobile phone number, Mobile Connect offers ...

Mobile Connect Pocket Guide to Mobile World Congress 2016


Wednesday 3 Feb 2016 | Publication | Resources |

The Mobile Connect Pocket Guide is a condensed but comprehensive guide to all Mobile Connect at activities Mobile World Congress 2016 -  a useful companion for anyone attending the event.

Mobile Connect for Commerce video


Monday 14 Dec 2015 | Resources | Videos |

In an increasingly complex digital world where online shoppers demand security and simplicity, a huge number of transactions are never completed. According to Barilliance, an e-commerce personalisation solutions provider, 74 per cent ...

The Power of a Billion video


Monday 30 Nov 2015 | Resources | Videos |

Secure digital identity is essential for the growth of digital services. In this video, discover how leading players in the broader mobile ecosystem are utilising the power of mobile to enable a world rich with digital services. ...

Mobile Connect & Banking video


Monday 23 Nov 2015 | Resources | Videos |

A growing number of people use online banking for their daily transactions, yet at the same time, consumer confidence in the security of such services is at an all-time low. In this video, discover how operators can support banks in ...

Mobile Connect For Governments video


Monday 26 Oct 2015 | Resources | Videos |

Digital identity for public and private services is evolving. The success of e-Government services and the delivery of socio-economic benefits demand a secure, scalable digital identity solution which will enable trusted online ...

Mobile Connect Consumer Research Report: United States


Wednesday 14 Oct 2015 | Publication | Resources |

The ‘Mobile Connect Consumer Research Report: United States’ analyses digital challenges facing consumers and services providers in the United ...

Mobile Connect Consumer Research Report: European Union


Wednesday 14 Oct 2015 | Publication | Resources |

The ‘Mobile Connect Consumer Research Report: European Union’ analyses digital challenges facing consumers and ...

Mobile Connect Factsheet


Friday 18 Sep 2015 | Publication | Resources |

The Mobile Connect Factsheet is a valuable resource for any person or organisation interested in privacy and authentication. It is particularly useful for operators, developers or digital service providers. The Factsheet has been ...

Presentations from Mobile Connect at the Digital Commerce Summit


Thursday 6 Aug 2015 | Presentation | Resources |

On July 14th, experts from the mobile payments industry gathered at the GSMA’s Digital Commerce Summit at Mobile World Congress Shanghai, to discuss the role of mobile in the digital economy and the need for secure, ...

How to get started with Mobile Connect (English and Mandarin)


Sunday 19 Jul 2015 | Resources | Videos |

How do operators, developers and technology platform parties get involved with Mobile Connect? What is the process by which Mobile Connect is implemented? And  what relationship will these parties have when they are involved? This ...

An Introduction to Mobile Connect (English, Mandarin & Russian)


Sunday 19 Jul 2015 | Resources | Videos |

This video explains Mobile Connect's raison d'etre. In a world where users have to remember multiple passwords and are increasingly aware of the issues surrounding privacy and security,  a solution is needed to make digital life ...

Mobile Connect Consumer Research Report: China


Saturday 11 Jul 2015 | Publication | Resources |

The ‘Mobile Connect Consumer Report: China’, assesses consumers’ evolving attitudes to mobile and digital services, and how they would respond to Mobile Connect, a mobile operator-led service for secure authentication and ...

Mobile Connect at Identity Ecosystem Steering Group


Monday 11 May 2015 | Resources | Videos |

On the 29th January, 2015, Rafael Diaz, Senior Strategic Engagement Manager, GSMA, spoke at 12th Plenary Meeting of the Identity Ecosystem Steering Group (IDSEG). During this lecture, Rafael explains the importance of Mobile Connect ...

GSMA: KDDI au WALLET Case Study Update


Tuesday 14 Oct 2014 | Publication | Resources |

This case study provides an update on how KDDI’s au ID authentication platform is being used across a growing suite of digital commerce services. The paper is relevant for operators who want to learn how digital identity services can ...

GSMA and SIA: Mobile Identity – Unlocking the Potential of the Digital Economy


Monday 13 Oct 2014 | Publication | Resources |

This joint report by the GSMA and Secure Identity Alliance (SIA) offers a review of the opportunities with mobile identity in support of governments as they unlock the potential of the digital economy by driving trust and confidence in ...

Mobile Connect – Overview


Wednesday 24 Sep 2014 | Resources | Videos |

Introducing Mobile Connect - the convenient and secure login solution with privacy protection:

WIPJam @ MWC’14: Mobile Identity Workshop Presentations


Tuesday 4 Mar 2014 | Presentation | Resources |

User login, authentication and identity are complex and multi-dimensional topics for developers involving many challenges. To tackle these, developers can make use of the services of identity providers via web-standards like Open ID ...

Mobile Privacy: Global Research Insights and Considerations for Policymakers


Thursday 20 Feb 2014 | Publication | Resources |

The GSMA has been working closely with its members to proactively address key mobile privacy challenges and, as part of this, commissioned global research on more than 11,500 mobile users (Brazil, Colombia, Indonesia, Malaysia, ...

Swisscom Mobile ID: Enabling an Ecosystem for Secure Mobile Authentication


Wednesday 19 Feb 2014 | Publication | Resources |

In early 2013, Switzerland’s leading operator, Swisscom, introduced a new product called Mobile ID, a fully managed strong authentication solution and a complete service package for enterprise and business, as well as individual ...

Norwegian Mobile Bank ID: Reaching Scale through Collaboration


Wednesday 19 Feb 2014 | Publication | Resources |

In 2009, a unique partnership between DNB Bank, a leading Norwegian bank and Telenor, the country’s largest mobile network operator, brought about the launch of Mobile BankID, a personal electronic identification credential which ...

Mobile Identity Research Summary: Norway Research


Wednesday 19 Feb 2014 | Publication | Resources |

Objective of this research was to examine the user perception of a successful and live mobile identity service: Norwegian Mobile Bank ID. Mobile Bank ID is an electronic identification service offered in collaboration by banks and ...

Mobile Identity Global Review 2013


Friday 13 Dec 2013 | Publication | Resources |

The mobile medium represents one of the most powerful and flexible platforms for the transformation of digital identity. The GSMA Mobile Identity Global Review 2013 provides a detailed overview of the emerging opportunity for mobile ...

KDDI au ID: Placing Identity at the Heart of Mobile Strategy


Friday 13 Dec 2013 | Publication | Resources |

KDDI’s au ID service represents one of the most successful operator-led identity propositions to date. By placing the customer au ID at the centre of the operator’s “3M Strategy”, KDDI has effectively managed to ensure its position as ...

Mobile Identity Research: UK Research Summary


Friday 13 Dec 2013 | Presentation | Resources |

The GSMA worked with GfK to conduct research to provide an integrated view of the UK market with respect to digital identity enabled via mobile. The research presentation and summary infographic provide an overview of the key findings ...

Estonia’s Mobile-ID: Driving Today’s e-Services Economy


Tuesday 30 Jul 2013 | Publication | Resources |

Estonia is swiftly gaining international recognition as one of the most digitally advanced societies on the planet. Citizens in Estonia can access and conduct a broad range of services and transactions either online or from their ...

Dialog Connect: A Case Study


Wednesday 3 Jul 2013 | Publication | Resources |

This case study examines how Dialog Connect is resolving the identity challenge in the emerging market context. Dialog, part of the Axiata Group, is Sri Lanka’s leading mobile operator by subscriber numbers, and also one of the leading ...

Mobile Identity: A Regulatory Overview


Wednesday 3 Jul 2013 | Publication | Resources |

This paper provides an overview of the regulatory background and key policy issues associated with digital and mobile identity services. Its objective is to inform and stimulate discussion on the key policy principles required for the ...

Finnish Mobile ID: A Lesson in Interoperability


Wednesday 3 Jul 2013 | Publication | Resources |

This case study explores the challenges that mobile operators have faced in deploying mobile identity management services in the Finnish market, and details the innovative approaches that the three operators took to overcome ...

Mobile Identity: A Point of View Paper from the GSMA


Wednesday 3 Jul 2013 | Publication | Resources |

This short point of view paper considers the emergence of Mobile Identity services, in all their guises, and examines both the opportunity and accordant challenges that Mobile Network Operators are likely to face as they proceed.

Mobile Signature in Turkey – A Case Study of Turkcell: MobilImza


Wednesday 3 Jul 2013 | Publication | Resources |

In 2007, Turkey was the first country to launch a mobile signature solution – Turkcell’s “MobilImza” service. Since then, the solution has evolved, the number of available services has increased, and usage per subscriber has multiplied ...

Mobile Birth Registration in Sub-Saharan Africa: A case study of Orange Senegal and Uganda Telecom solutions


Tuesday 2 Jul 2013 | Publication | Resources |

In effectively all countries in the world, proof of identity is an essential prerequisite for gaining access to basic services, and to exercising fundamental human rights. Without a birth certificate, for example, a child may not be ...

GSMA Toolkit: Mandatory SIM Registration


Tuesday 2 Jul 2013 | Publication | Resources |

The importance of customer identity verification is an issue closely linked with the registration of prepaid SIM cards – which is now mandatory in a number of countries. The availability and quality of a country’s citizen identity ...