Protect your business from big losses

Protect your business from big losses

Fraud incidents and security breaches can mean large financial losses for the mobile industry. As well as reputational damage. What’s more, they are on the increase. In response to this growing challenge, The GSMA Fraud and Security Services have been developed. They provide the tools needed to take swift action against the most prevalent global threats, which have been identified by the GSMA’s Fraud and Security Group (FASG).

These services are so vital because of the data at their heart. Namely, the unique and comprehensive information, specifics and intelligence only the GSMA can collate. Right now there’s a focus on deterring two types of fraud: traffic fraud and fraudulent activity on devices. Consequently, the services can help operators, manufacturers and vendors. As well as insurers and law enforcement agencies. Take a quick look at how.

Our latest addition is GSMA IRSF Prevention, which is designed to stop International Revenue Share Fraud (IRSF) before it happens.

Then there’s GSMA Device Registry. This is a global database of flagged IMEI numbers. Importantly, mobile network operators and device owners can contribute to it.

Lastly, there’s GSMA Device Check™. It’s a look-up service to see if a device is reported stolen, or has been obtained fraudulently.

Fraud & Security Services