IRSF Prevention

Prevent IRSF and SMS AIT from happening, through the only real-time fraud intelligence platform. 

What is GSMA IRSF Prevention? 

Most fraud solutions are about detection after the incident has occurred. This is the first one that enables you to prevent IRSF (International Revenue Share Fraud) and SMS AIT (Artificial Inflation of Traffic) from happening in the first place. 

It collects and processes information on international premium rate numbers (IPRNs) and their availability to fraudsters in real time. Due to the scale, reach and speed of the service, fraudsters are spotted early on, before an attack. 

Every day, thousands of IPRNs and IRSF incidents are discovered in our global threat feed. 

Why is it important for your business?

For more than a decade, IRSF has been responsible for causing large financial losses for enterprises and communication service providers. Which is why this new approach is needed to stop it before it starts. 

Swiftly detect compromised accounts

Whatever method fraudsters use to generate artificial traffic to their numbers, the compromised accounts are disclosed before any inflation of traffic occurs. 

Over 90% detection rate

Precise prevention of IRSF means that legitimate traffic is not blocked. 

Achieve operational efficiencies

By preventing fraud attacks, teams spend less time managing cases and filtering out false positives. 

Automate your fraud protection

The service’s APIs update your systems 24×7 with the latest fraud intelligence.  

Practical examples of what it can do 

Find out how IRSF Prevention helps operators, CPaaS (Communication Platform as a Service) providers and enterprises prevent IRSF and SMS AIT.   

Protect outbound traffic 

Fraudsters use different techniques to commit IRSF, but there is always one common element – the use of IPRNs and the exploitation of routes where the traffic is hijacked.  

  • Detect calls and SMS to IPRNs instantly, without having to configure rules or fine-tune algorithms.  
  • Benefit from the service’s deep understanding of fraudsters’ activity and the information they use. 

Prevent Wangiri (call back fraud) 

In Wangiri attacks, fraudsters target many victims with missed calls, so when they call back, they unknowingly generate traffic to their IPRNs. This translates to loss of customer trust and potential churn for mobile network operators.  

  • Easily identify incoming international calls from compromised IPRNs. 
  • Prevent fraudsters’ calls from reaching their victims. 

Block unwanted bot traffic 

Businesses and their CPaaS providers suffer substantial financial losses from bot attacks on messaging services, especially those targeting one-time passwords (OTPs) sent by SMS. 

  • Get updated in real time on numbers being used for revenue share fraud in SMS traffic. 
  • Quickly identify the beginning of an SMS AIT attack and prevent it. 
  • Trigger additional anti-bot techniques based on the intelligence from the service. 


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