Network Services

Facilitate the resilience, reliability, sustainability and interoperability of global mobile networks.  

Solutions that address some of the challenges mobile networks face today, from reliable roaming and 4G/5G services, to preventing IRSF and SMS AIT. By enabling better collaboration between the businesses that own or provide services on mobile networks. 

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Strategy Paper for Circular Economy: Network Equipment 

IRSF misconception #3: fraud destinations are static

IRSF misconception #2: more data equals better protection

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Reuse, resell and recycle network assets

Reach your environmental and financial sustainability targets faster, with the first global digital marketplace for pre-owned network assets.

Fast track VoLTE deployments 

Be sure that devices and networks will operate seamlessly in national and roaming scenarios with these VoLTE and IMS technology tests.

Prevent IRSF and SMS AIT

Step up your fraud protection with the first fraud solution that prevents IRSF and SMS AIT from happening.   

Provide reliable roaming and VoLTE 

Carrier-grade DNS service that enables roaming and packet-based interconnect traffic to arrive safely and on time.

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Improve global SMS and A2P messaging

Communicate more swiftly with your global customer base and ensure messages are delivered to the right destination.

Validate international calls in real-time

Prevent fraud and scams, using our secure and fully encrypted service, to ensure regulatory compliance and protect consumers.

Device Services 

Including TAC Allocation for all connected industries and services based on our device data that provide essential insights for businesses and organisations. 


The latest on our products, including GSMA Working Group PRDs and events.

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