Getting VoLTE rollout right

How can operators and MVNOs ensure that VoLTE runs smoothly on their networks? Watch this session to find out.

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GSMA Intelligence Market Update
Overview of VoLTE landscape and market projections for VoLTE and VoLTE roaming
Emánuel Kolta, Senior Analyst, Social and Regional Research, GSMA Intelligence (London) Download
T-Mobile US
The role of the GSMA Networks Group in the creation of GSMA VoLTE Interoperability Testing.
T-Mobile’s position today.
Kathleen Leach, Sr. MTS, Technology Development & Strategy (Virginia)Download
The first global MVNO to pass the VoLTE roaming tests – in Germany, the Netherlands, Hong Kong, Portugal and the USA.
Gonçalo Nuno Pereira, Network Architect (Lisbon)Download
GSMA Interoperability Testing
Overview of the testing methodology and benefits for MNOs and OEMs
Wayne Cutler, Technical Director
Tech: Networks, GSMA (London
Overview of interoperability challenges from a manufacturer perspective
Reza Serafat, General Manager, Quality & Customer Compliance (Cologne)Download
Questions & Answers Download

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