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Getting Started with NB-IoT: Part 1 (Mobile IoT Developer Guides)


Tuesday 21 Jan 2020 | MIoT Technology | MIoT Technology NB-IoT | NB-IoT | Resources |

Steve Doyle, Principal Technical Architect at the GSMA, provides an introduction to developing IoT solutions with NB-IoT using Quecel’s BC66 module and Vodafone’s NB-IoT network.

Critical Communications IoT: Technical Analysis of Service Levels


Thursday 16 Jan 2020 | Resources |

This document presents an overview of IoT from a critical communications perspective, encompassing public safety as well as business critical use, including a definition of the three main phases of emergency management.

Critical Communications IoT Concepts Paper


Wednesday 15 Jan 2020 | Resources |

This document, targeted at network operators and network and device equipment vendors, brings together a number of Internet of Things concepts from a mission critical communications perspective, specifically on public safety, and illustrates how IoT...

Presentation Decks: Mobile IoT Breakfast Briefing at CES2020


Tuesday 14 Jan 2020 | Both Technologies | MIoT Technology | Resources |

There has been a huge amount of hype about 5G and the opportunities it will create – but what will it mean for the mobile industry and the Internet of Things? Leading IoT operators have continued to launch new services such as low power wide area (LPWA)...

The Benefits of IoT LPWA Connectivity in the Licensed Spectrum


Monday 13 Jan 2020 | Both Technologies | MIoT Technology | Resources |

Hear from Andrew Parker, Programme Marketing Director of IoT at GSMA, explain the benefits of cellular based highly secure, low signal interference, and cost effective LPWA networks.

IoT Based Smart-Grid Solution by Dialog Axiata


Sunday 12 Jan 2020 | APAC | MIoT Technology | NB-IoT | Resources |

Hear from Dialog Axiata how NB-IoT Smart Modems, and Low Voltage Power Distribution network Monitoring Devices (NMDs) and a Utility IoT and Analytics Platform can provide remote meter reading and prepaid facility, network automation and utility analytics..

Smart Poultry Solutions by XL Axiata


Sunday 12 Jan 2020 | APAC | MIoT Technology | NB-IoT | Resources |

Hear from XL Axiata how Sierad Produce, one of their partners in Indonesia uses IoT based smart poultry system to increase food and water efficiency for chicken farming.

STARS: Smart Traffic Analytics & Recognition System by TM ONE


Saturday 11 Jan 2020 | APAC | Resources |

Hear from TM ONE, the Malaysia-based mobile operator, how TM ONE STARS that enhances existing traffic control system by providing central monitoring, data visualisation & analytics through a single platform.

Data Delivery Platform for Smart Building by Softhard.IO


Friday 10 Jan 2020 | APAC | MIoT Technology | NB-IoT | Resources |

Hear from Softhard.IO, an industry partner of 3 Hong Kong’s and CSL’s, how the combined NB-IoT connectivity and cloud based data courier platform will enable the snap-n-go to the existing smart building infrastructure without investing tens of thousands...

Smart Health Platform by IMEUS Healthcare


Thursday 9 Jan 2020 | 5G | APAC | Resources |

Hear from IMEUS how the role of Internet of Medical Things as Connected Singularity Platform can deliver safety, cost reduction and impact productivity throughout the entire health ecosystem.

Indoor Mushroom Cultivation with NB-IoT Enabled Control Environment by Momoku


Thursday 9 Jan 2020 | APAC | MIoT Technology | NB-IoT | Resources |

Hear from Momoku, the Maxis IoT Challenge 2019 Champion, how NB-IoT is used for monitoring the indoor condition and relaying to trigger control of air conditioner, humidifier and fan automation for best mushroom growth.

Smart Access Management of Facilities by igloohome


Wednesday 8 Jan 2020 | APAC | MIoT Technology | NB-IoT | Resources |

Hear from igloohome, Singtel’s partner, how Iglooworks NB-IoT smart access solutions provide access management of facilities, infrastructure sites and assets without the need to manage any physical keys.

Connected Urban Airspace Management for Unmanned Aircraft by Garuda Robotics


Tuesday 7 Jan 2020 | 5G | APAC | Resources |

Hear from Garuda Robotics, Singtel’s partner, how Garuda CoPilot the on-board unit built to be compatible with the world’s most common Flight Controllers, can enable the aircraft to be command and controlled through the Internet, from....

SMARTernak: AIoT-powered Cattle-farm Assistant Platform by DycodeX


Monday 6 Jan 2020 | APAC | MIoT Technology | NB-IoT | Resources |

Hear from DycodeX to assist cattle farmers to improve efficiency, increase yield, and reduce loss using cattle-wearable devices, smart cameras, sensors and base stations, powered by the IoT and AI.

Industrial IoT Solutions for Manufacturing, Logistics & Utilities by Daviteq


Saturday 4 Jan 2020 | APAC | MIoT Technology | Resources |

Hear from Daviteq how data collected from sensors, meters, and controllers for customers in manufacturing, logistics and utilities is transmitted to their Globiots platform which collects, stores, analyses and visualises data on the dashboard.

NB-IoT Water Utility Logger by Cre8IOT


Friday 3 Jan 2020 | APAC | MIoT Technology | NB-IoT | Resources |

Hear from Cre8IOT, Celcom Axiata’s partner in Malaysia, share how their NB-IoT NRW Logger provides water operators close to real-time data for immediate actions on water distribution network issues.

Smart Home Solutions – Easy Control by ACIS


Thursday 2 Jan 2020 | APAC | Resources |

Hear from ACIS, the partner of Viettel in Vietnam, share how Easy Control smart home solution helps connect home appliances automatically to the cloud and reduce the maintenance and operation costs for customers.

Case Study: Dynamic No-Fly-Zones


Friday 20 Dec 2019 | Connected Skies | Resources |

Vodafone is committed to positioning mobile network infrastructure as the key enabler for safe beyond-visual-line-of-sight (BVLOS) flights. Over the last three years, the company has conducted a range of cellular network trials, during which it has demonst

IoT SAFE (IoT SIM Applet For Secure End-to-End Communication)


Monday 9 Dec 2019 | IoT Security | Resources |

IoT SAFE provides a common mechanism to secure IoT data communications using a highly trusted SIM, rather than using proprietary and potentially less trusted hardware secure elements implemented elsewhere within the device.

Interview with Italgas Reti about NB-IoT Gas Metering


Wednesday 4 Dec 2019 | NB-IoT | Resources |

NB-IoT is connecting millions of devices globally. Hear from Manuela Pagella, Head of Gas Metering, Italgas Reti explain why and how NB-IoT gas meters provide better connectivity and battery life than GPRS gas meters.