Beyond Connectivity: IoT Solutions


Case Study: Smart Fleet Management

When you need your vehicles to do business, making the most of them is a top priority. With Auto Mate, you’ll get a stress-free system that’s easy to set up. So you can keep everyone in the loop on every journey with one simple fleet management package. It finds shortcuts on routes, makes managing expenses easy, and even pings you when something’s up, like a fault. It keeps standards up. And costs down.


Case Study: Sri Lanka Takes First Step Towards Smart Grid

Energy users in Sri Lanka are beginning to benefit from a smart grid solution developed by a partnership between Lanka Electricity Company (LECO), the Dialog University of Moratuwa Mobile Communications Research Laboratory and mobile operator Dialog Axiata. Currently collecting data from 3,200 smart meters and 150 network monitoring devices, the solution is enabling LECO to analyse electricity usage and isolate any faults in its grid.


Case Study: Harnessing IoT Big Data Solutions to Create Value in Strawberry Production

Like most markets the production of Strawberries in China is competitive. Prices are sensitive to the
quality of the fruit and to supply and demand – with prices higher in the early season when the greenhouse crops start to ripen, but open field crops are not yet ready. Limited early supply keeps prices buoyant and the higher crop price directly improves the farmers’ income and profit.

The challenge for the greenhouse strawberry producer in China is to maximise profitability by maximising yield & quality, extending the growing season by bringing the first crop harvest forward and optimising inputs such as water and fertiliser for the best returns and minimal environmental impact. Set against this backdrop, China Mobile have worked together with LinkDotter, a specialist agricultural tech firm, and a strawberry producer, to demonstrate how mobile operators can drive value in smart agriculture – in this case in strawberry production – through IoT Big Data technology solutions.


Case Study: TM ONE Transforms The Way Cities Move

TM ONE, the business solution arm of Telekom Malaysia Berhad, is seeing strong demand for its Smart
Traffic Analytics & Recognition System (STARS), which can programme traffic lights to respond to
real-time data collected by connected cameras and sensors. The traffic light solution offers cities withimproved traffic flow and reduces idle time at red lights.


Interview and Case Study: Smart Energy

Energy Insight is Telefonica's first level of energy management for companies that want a deep understanding of the use of energy in any building or location and advice of actions to be taken. The service provides the required tools so building managers can make the right decisions to lower energy consumption and achieve savings.

Energy Optimise enables remote and centralised measurement, control and management of high energy consumption equipment at any facility. This service particularly focuses on points of high consumption such as air conditioning, heating and lighting, giving a holistic control of a building or set of buildings.


Manage the energy consumption of your facilities, save by reducing costs and improve work efficiency with the innovative #SmartEnergy solution from Telefónica IoT.

Promote sustainability and energy efficiency from anywhere thanks to the cloud and optimize your company's consumption.

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Case Study: Telco GSM networks for Low Altitude Airspace Management

Telstra has been researching the features and characteristics that the aviation industry requires of its wireless networks to provide communication, navigation and surveillance to aircraft, including drones, recreational and aviation operating in the currently unmanaged lower altitudes. This work has been carried out by Telstra Labs in conjunction with Thales.


Interview: The 4th Dimension of Space – Smart Building

Singtel IoT demonstrates the applicability of a 4-dimensional digital harmony – an integration of Singtel’s AI-driven IoT network, people, space, and things – to smart buildings, and how it increases productivity, improves cost efficiency, and augments business outcomes.

Case Study: Ground-to-Air LTE Communication Services for Industrial Drone Applications

With the increasing use of drones for industrial applications, China Unicom has launched an innovative business service project to enable unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) to fly at higher altitudes and over longer distances. The Internet & Industrial UAV project employs Unicom’s mobile network to provide industrial drones with ground-to-air communication services for BLOS/BVLOS (beyond-line-of-sight/ beyond-visual-line-of-sight) operation. Designed to serve the needs of government and enterprise customers, the project aims to guarantee reliable real-time and efficient transmission for telemetry data, control commands, and high-definition video during flight.