IoT Guide: Connected Energy

Monday 27 Nov 2023 | Energy and Environment | MIoT Technology | Resources |

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Use of the Internet of Things for remote monitoring and management in the energy sector is increasingly critical. Driven by increasing energy prices, the growing requirement for energy security, the growing electrification of the vehicle fleet, and a concerted push for hitting net zero targets for sustainability, there is a huge need for all aspects of electricity (and gas) production, distribution and consumption to be connected in order to ensure that maximum efficiency. The main manifestation of the adoption of IoT in energy is in extensive global smart metering deployments, which are helping to increase awareness amongst users of their domestic and commercial consumption, helping to reduce demand, as well as integrating that end usage with wider management of production and distribution. At the same time,
the growing proliferation of power generation and storage infrastructure, is changing the architecture of power networks.

This guide will examine the major energy IoT categories:

  • First related to the applications most commonly thought of as the critical energy utility use cases: power generation, distribution networks (and the application of Smart Grid), and smart metering.
  • We then move on to discussing some use cases that stem from newer architectures for energy
  • Finally we look at other ways in which IoT is being used to enable energy saving that reduces demand for power.

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