IoT Guide: Connected Environment

Monday 12 Feb 2024 | Both Technologies | Energy and Environment | MIoT Technology | Resources |

IoT Guide: Connected Environment image

Beginning with air, IoT plays a crucial role in monitoring and managing air quality, essential for sustaining human life. From urban centres grappling with pollution to intelligent road traffic management and efficient public transport systems, IoT applications offer innovative solutions to mitigate environmental risks and enhance the overall well-being of communities.

In the realm of water, the deployment of smart meters, more carefully managed water distribution networks, and advanced irrigation systems are instrumental in optimizing water usage. This not only addresses the pressing issue of water scarcity but also recognizing the significance of water as a basic human necessity for survival and health.

The report extends its focus to food, encompassing diverse applications such as crop and livestock management, drone-assisted farming, and the optimization of food supply chains through IoT technologies.

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