Long Term Evolution for Machines: LTE-M

LTE-M is the simplified industry term for the LTE-MTC low power wide area (LPWA) technology standard published by 3GPP in the Release 13 specification. It specifically refers to LTE CatM1, suitable for the IoT. LTE-M is a low power wide area technology which supports IoT through lower device complexity and provides extended coverage, while allowing the reuse of the LTE installed base.  This allows battery lifetime as long as 10 years or more for a wide range of use cases, with the modem costs reduced to 20-25% of the current EGPRS modems.

Supported by all major mobile equipment, chipset and module manufacturers, LTE-M networks will co-exist with 2G, 3G, and 4G mobile networks and benefit from all the security and privacy features of mobile networks, such as support for user identity confidentiality, entity authentication, confidentiality, data integrity, and mobile equipment identification. Commercial launches of LTE-M networks will take place globally in 2017/18.

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5G IoT Forum

The 5G IoT Forum is to provide all industry and wider ecosystem stakeholders with market representation to accelerate the wide-spread adoption of 3GPP-standard 5G technologies including Mobile IoT (LPWA)LTE-M and NB-IoT technologies and evolve to Massive IoT. In the Forum we will discuss issues facing the IoT Industry and make proposals to the 5G IoT Strategy Group. Members are encouraged to participate in the Action Groups. The work of the Action groups will be disseminated to the Forum and members encouraged to adopt the work. Members can also agree to work on Concepts together for the GSMA Foundry.

The objectives of the 5G IoT Forum
  • Encourage information sharing that will lead to growth of cellular based IoT
  • Promote 5G IoT technologies through a pool of centralised industry resources
  • Enable new contributors the ability to join the 5G IoT Action groups
  • Adopt the work of the 5G IoT Action groups in your organisation
  • Create a PoC in GSMA Foundry
How to join the 5G IoT Forum

All GSMA members are welcome to join the Forum. Contact [email protected] for details.


Gas Metering Fact Sheet


Friday 11 Aug 2023 | LTE-M | MIoT Technology | NB-IoT | Resources |

Traditional gas meters were unable to handle more than one update a day and sustain a long battery life. Smart gas meters need continuous network availability and real-time remote access, while maintaining battery life of 10 years or more in the field.

Smart Meters Fact Sheet


Friday 11 Aug 2023 | LTE-M | MIoT Technology | NB-IoT | Resources |

The pandemic and energy crisis have hastened the need to automate information gathering and business operations to ensure efficiency and continuity of services. Connected meters gives consumers peace of mind and enable utilities deliver better service.

5G IoT Summit at MWC Barcelona 2023


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IoT for a Greener and More Efficient World 5G is the fifth-generation cellular technology that revolutionises and enables new capabilities such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Cloud computing, Edge computing, and ...

Technology Highlights from MWC Barcelona 2023 – Deutsche Telekom


Thursday 30 Mar 2023 | 5G | Both Technologies | Mobile IoT | MWC23 | Resources |

Jens Olejak, Senior Product Innovator shares his insights about the role 5G IoT is playing in the energy and environment sectors, the role of the 5G IoT Strategy Group the work they produce and more.

Technology Highlights from MWC Barcelona 2023 – Transforma Insights


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Matt Hatton, Founder Partner shares his insights about recent adoption trends in 5G IoT, commercial models for 5G IoT, market opportunity size for 5G IoT and the technology roadmap.

Technology Highlights from MWC Barcelona 2023 – Giesecke+Devrient


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Simon Wakely, Global Head of Automotive and IoT Sales share his insights about the actions they are taking to promote sustainability within the IoT, how they can support these strategies with it's customers and more

Mobile IoT Deployment Guide – October 2022


Monday 17 Oct 2022 | LTE-M | MIoT Technology | NB-IoT | Resources |

This document contains non-binding guidelines intended to help mobile operators and solution developers to ensure interoperability and smooth roaming. The recommendations have been developed by members of the GSMA 5G IoT Strategy Group.

GSMA Whitepaper – Improving Energy Efficiency for Mobile IoT


Tuesday 1 Mar 2022 | Both Technologies | MIoT Technology | Resources |

This document provides insight into the energy efficiency capabilities of the 5G Mobile IoT technologies LTE-M and NB-IoT. It describes some of the key energy efficiency features available to devices using these technologies, tools and measurement scenario