Ensure the very best customer experience


Ensure the very best customer experience

It stands to reason that when mobile operators give their subscribers the services they expect, they are less likely to switch to a competitor. Creating an excellent customer experience is in the interests of operators, device manufacturers and vendors, because a bad one reflects negatively on the network and the device.

The GSMA Network and Interconnect Services are here to improve the subscriber experience. They make sure network services are reliable, whether it’s VoWiFi or VoLTE, at home or while roaming. They also future-proof networks, by getting them ready for the 4G and 5G switchover.

GSMA Interoperability Testing offers a series of tests for mobile network operators to verify that their network and partner roaming networks run VoLTE smoothly. There is also a Device Test for device manufacturers to prove that their device’s IMS services are compatible with a specified network.

GSMA Network Settings Exchange was set up because of a need identified in the Terminal Steering Group (TSG). It makes sure device settings are tuned to each operator’s network, so services run as they should. This is crucial in the move to 5G, where there are lots of complex settings.

GSMA Root DNS is an operator-to-operator service. It ensures subscribers’ network services work seamlessly when roaming and communicating internationally.

GSMA Pathfinder™ is a routing information look-up service that identifies which operator owns a telephone number. So a business such as an airline, bank or social network can send an urgent SMS message or voice call to a customer, via the most cost-effective and reliable route.

Network & Interconnect Services