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Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNOs)

Here are the services that support MVNOs and mobile virtual network enablers. 

Network Settings Exchange

Let’s ensure all the devices work on 4G and 5G networks

IRSF Prevention

IRSF misconception #1: an updated numbering plan can save you

eSIM Discovery

eSIM – top tips for best practice and the operational topics that need to be considered

Services for MVNOs

Find the solutions to the challenges your MVNO business faces here.

Discover the best-matched devices to your network

Instantly find out how technically well matched a mobile device is to your network, to create efficiencies and improve the customer experience.

Leverage the growth of eSIM

Adopt the industry specified and universally recognised method for remote eSIM provisioning that’s fully digital – so customers can get their eSIM devices up and running quicker and easier. 

Identify and validate devices on your network 

Improve business performance through device attribute datasets, which provide essential insights for network optimisation, effective analytics and better customer experience in the 5G era. 

Protect your device assets and the ecosystem’s

Flag the status of suspicious, vulnerable or at-risk devices, so the mobile industry and related organisations worldwide are made aware and can act on the information.

Check a device’s status to safeguard your business 

Instantly find out a device’s history – whether it’s suspected of being involved in crime and fraud or if it’s subject to an ownership or financial claim.

Make sure all devices run on your network reliably

Give your customers an optimal experience by ensuring mobile devices have your most up-to-date network settings, shared through one location and one format.

Prevent IRSF and SMS AIT

Step up your fraud protection with the first fraud solution that prevents IRSF and SMS AIT from happening.

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Provide reliable roaming and VoLTE

Carrier-grade DNS service that enables roaming and packet-based interconnect traffic to arrive safely and on time.

Show you meet the highest SIM and eSIM standards

Gain recognition and assurance through the universally trusted certification scheme for UICC/eUICC and subscription management suppliers.

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