Device Registry

Report device status to help prevent mobile device crime and fraud, and to demonstrate ownership or financial claims.

Why contribute to the GSMA
Device Registry?

Flagging a device’s status is how you can protect your device assets, your customers’ and the ecosystem’s.

The GSMA operates Device Registry on behalf of the mobile industry and related organisations worldwide, so this valuable information can be shared for the common good in the collective fight not just against device crime, but digital fraud and security issues too.

Device crime and fraud

You can report devices suspected of being lost, stolen, fraudulent or broken. We recommend that these devices are blocked from network access and not bought, sold, repaired, insured or used in any way.

Vulnerable or at-risk devices

You can also flag devices that are at risk or vulnerable because they are subject to ownership or financial claims – such as being in transit, in an inventory or leased.

Why is it important for your business?

Here are some examples of how flagging the status of devices, individually or as bulk shipments, can benefit your business and others in the ecosystem.

Deter device crime

Devices flagged as stolen can be blocked on operator networks, making them less valuable, discouraging criminals from targeting them.

Protect customers

Mobile devices, their services and the information they store are highly valuable to customers. Flagging the correct device status means they can be blocked from network access, or third parties can be alerted to confirm an ownership or financial claim. 

Avoid reputational risk

Flagging devices as stolen or counterfeit can prevent them from re-entering your supply/distribution chain and others in the ecosystem. 

Reduce financial losses

Your organisation’s name is included when reporting a device, increasing your chance of recovering stolen assets by identifying them as your property.

Practical examples of what it can do

Find out how flagging devices’ statuses to GSMA Device Registry can help across different businesses, departments and industries.

Devices in an inventory or in transit

Devices in an inventory or in transit

Anyone with an inventory can use Device Registry to protect their device assets.

  • Flag ownership status of your inventory or lease to prevent financial loss, clearly labelling your business as the rightful owner.
  • If devices are stolen – flag them to alert the ecosystem so those who can are encouraged to block them from networks, sale or use. 
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Financing and leasing

Financing and leasing

Protect your investment in devices you lease or finance to customers by reporting their status on Device Registry.

  • If the devices get lost, damaged or stolen, you can declare your part in their ownership.
  • Flag financial status of your inventory to prevent loss, such as those you have sold per payment plan.
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Device insurance

Device insurance

Flag statuses of devices you insure on Device Registry to reduce financial losses.

  • Report your ownership status upon payment of a claim. 
  • Report customers’ lost, stolen or broken devices to the registry when a claim is paid, to recover/protect/repair your newly acquired assets.
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