Updates and enhancements to GSMA Device Registry

As part of our commitment to providing an exceptional service for the device crime prevention community, we have made some important updates and enhancements.

1. Updated Terms of Use: our Device Registry terms of use have been revised to better protect contributors by providing clearer guidance on Contributor Network Operator (CNO) information usage for internal purposes with limitations on derivative works.

2. Expanded eligibility for contributors: we are pleased to announce the expansion of eligibility criteria for non-operator contributors (e.g., “CTPs” or “Contributor Third Parties”) to include asset and inventory managers that provide inventory tracking and management solutions. This change ensures a more comprehensive and accurate database.

3. Streamlined data archival approach: to prevent confusion, we have removed the aged reason code (0022) to help CNOs align with the Best Practice that Block List records should be maintained for a minimum of three years. This change provides clarity on the prevalent method where CNOs manage their own data archival scheme without unintentional archival. Rest assured that our collective data management processes are now more efficient and transparent.

4. The new General List: this is now available to all contributors to flag IMEIs subject to ownership or financial claims. While this information is not downloadable, it is published via Device Check to assist in informed decisions related to buying, selling, trading, insuring, repairing, or investigating mobile devices.