Network Settings Exchange

Ensures services run reliably across all mobile devices, worldwide, so mobile network operators and device manufacturers can provide an optimal customer experience.

Why network settings matter

All mobile devices require the most up-to-date network settings from the operator for services to work efficiently and to make sure the performance of devices is not compromised.

The GSMA Network Settings Exchange provides one format and one location where operators can upload and maintain their latest network settings, so the world’s device manufacturers can easily download them.

Ensuring a reliable customer experience in the 5G era

The move from circuit technology to 4G/5G packet technology and its complex settings, along with the fact that many mobile devices are now bought on the open market with generic, default settings, has created a settings challenge. This is what the GSMA Network Settings Exchange was set up to solve, so end customers get the experience they expect from their devices.

Why is it important for your business?

Broadly, here are the ways the GSMA Network Settings Exchange is assisting mobile network operators (MNOs), mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs) and device manufacturers (OEMs), with today’s settings challenge.

Maintain brand reputation

Mobile devices with the operator’s preferred network settings ensure reliable services for end customers, reflecting well on the MNO/MVNO and the device manufacturer.

Reduce operational costs

Provides access on a secure platform to over 550 OEMs in one go – including the world’s top 10 device manufacturers. 

Enable smooth customer experiences

Gives customers the best experience of their branded devices, since all their favourite 4G/5G services work as expected.

Lower customer churn

Customers are less likely to move to another network or brand of device, as they are already experiencing good reliability.

Practical examples of what it can do

Find out how the GSMA Network Settings Exchange can be used to maintain a reliable customer experience of both the services and the device. 

Managing partner relationships

Managing partner relationships

The ever-growing number of devices, models and device manufacturers make it costly and difficult for operators and OEMs to maintain direct relationships with each other.

  • Network Settings Exchange is a single, centralised hub where you can manage all your partner relationships for network settings. 
  • Reach out to specific device manufacturers or operators to share and resolve specific challenges through the in-app messaging service
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4G and 5G services

4G and 5G services

4G and 5G services require the latest IMS and APN settings to work reliably. These are different to other setting preferences, as there are some nuanced variances.

  • Network Settings Exchange enables correct configurations for 4G and 5G services, ensuring quality device and service experiences for subscribers and business users.
  • Without the latest IMS and APN settings, the end user can experience loss of the services they want the most, such as voice calling, video calling, tethering and the internet.
  • Eases the significant change from circuit-based technology to HTTPs/packet-based communications. 
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Sunsetting of 2G and 3G

Sunsetting of 2G and 3G

With the closure of 2G and 3G, end users can be negatively impacted, experiencing loss of fundamental services – including emergency calling.

  • Network Settings Exchange allows operators to upload their latest network settings for VoLTE, so the world’s device manufacturers can monitor and implement them swiftly.
  • Operators accredited by the GSMA on their VoLTE readiness through Interoperability Testing are acknowledged through a VoLTE badge on their Network Settings Exchange profile, for all device manufacturers to see.
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Open market devices

Open market devices

The increase in open market devices presents challenges, especially for smaller operators and specialist device manufacturers.

  • Network Settings Exchange ensures devices can have the operator’s preferred network settings before shipment, so wherever they end up, their performance will not be compromised.
  • When an end user buys a device on the open market and then chooses which operator to go with, their services can still work seamlessly, as the device manufacturer has actioned the latest operator settings from the Network Settings Exchange.
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Inherit settings from chipset manufacturers

Inherit settings from chipset manufacturers

With the Network Settings Exchange, chipset manufacturers can download the operator’s settings and pre-configure their chipsets with these.  

  • Once chipsets are received by device manufacturers and embedded into devices, the device automatically inherits the configurations.  
  • In most cases, the chipset manufacturers don’t allow the device manufacturer to override the settings. 
  • This means reduced operational overheads for both operators and device manufacturers as the settings are implemented in one go, plus a seamless experience for end customers using devices with the underlying chipset. 
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