IoT Security Assessment

The GSMA IoT Security Assessment provides a flexible framework that addresses the diversity of the IoT market, enabling companies to build secure IoT devices and solutions as laid out in the GSMA IoT Security Guidelines, a comprehensive set of best practices promoting the secure end-to-end design, development and deployment of IoT solutions.

Building on the extensive expertise of the mobile industry, gained from decades of providing secure, trusted and reliable products and services, the GSMA IoT Security Assessment scheme ensures Security by Design and enables companies to identify and mitigate any potential security gaps in their services, allowing the market to scale to its full potential.

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Assessment as a Service

A number of security labs are offering the GSMA IoT Security Assessment as a service, providing IoT security capability to the wider ecosystem. These services can help companies without the necessary resources or expertise to complete an assessment and test their IoT solutions to ensure end-to-end security.

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