eSIM Services

eSIM Services

Advancing the growth of eSIM

The introduction of the eSIM is a big change. In fact, for device personalisation and customer account identification, it’s the most significant one for decades. Now, the momentum of eSIM adoption is accelerating. With at least 175 mobile service providers already offering commercial eSIM services for smartphones. Notably, spanning more than 69 countries. (Source GSMAi “eSIM: State of the consumer market and the road ahead” Report, March 2021).

So, to help this growth of the eSIM, there needs to be a standardised approach to eSIM management. Since interoperability and efficiency are at the heart of its success. For this reason, our three eSIM services underpin the open operation of its ecosystem. Instilling confidence, by providing rigorous security, ease of adoption and a good customer experience.

An overview of our eSIM services

GSMA now has First Level EID Assignment Authority. (As defined and requested in SGP.29, GSMA EID Definition and Assignment.) So it’s responsible for coordinating the issuance and use of the eUICC identification numbers for manufacturers that follow the new EID structure. (As defined in SGP.29.)

Consequently, we have introduced the GSMA eUICC Identity Scheme (eIS). This service provides eUICC manufacturers with the unique code necessary for them to produce globally unique, eUICC serial numbers. Markedly, this scheme complements the existing ITU E.118 scheme.

While GSMA eSIM Discovery provides an agnostic service for global operators and device manufacturers. Chiefly, it enables eSIM consumer devices to identify where to acquire their subscriber profile.

Finally, there’s the GSMA eUICC Security Assurance scheme. This has been established to instill confidence that eUICC products have reached rigorous industry security standards.

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