Interoperability Testing 

Supports the fast tracking of VoLTE interoperability and deployments, ensuring that devices and networks will operate seamlessly in national and roaming scenarios. 

What is GSMA Interoperability Testing? 

VoLTE and IMS technology tests that enable mobile operators and device manufacturers to test their products to a common standard. The service is particularly useful for VoLTE pre-launch testing – with the right mix of service combinations to meet all customer testing needs.  

Created in partnership with Mobileum and Jaggo Solutions, leaders in network and device testing respectively. 

The four tests

Why is GSMA Interoperability Testing important for your business? 

The service has been created in response to concerns some device manufacturers have over 4G/5G quality, which has resulted in them switching off VoLTE on certain networks. 

Bring VoLTE confidence to the industry 

The test results are published on our test results page, so the industry can see which devices and networks have VoLTE interoperability. 

Become ‘VoLTE verified’ 

Gain confirmation and proof that your network or device can run VoLTE seamlessly and share it with your partners and the industry. 

Reach the common industry standard 

Mobile operators can find faults and test against a range of industry-agreed assessments. 

Direct or self-accreditation 

Device manufacturers can test via two different routes – directly through the GSMA or with your own testing facilities. 

Practical examples of what it can do

Find out how GSMA Interoperability Testing can be used to facilitate VoLTE launches and solve its challenges. 

Find snagging issues on your network 

Operators use our VoLTE tests prior to launching their VoLTE networks.  

  • By finding snagging issues, it is possible to fix them prior to launching your services.  
  • This ensures a smooth experience for users. 
Engineer hand using digital tablet testing the communications tower

Helping operators unlock their VoLTE networks on devices 

Every operator who passes a test, gets a pass certificate. 

  • The GSMA shares this with all industry manufacturers. 
  • This proof gives manufacturers confidence in an operator’s VoLTE service, enabling many operators to unlock their VoLTE on devices. 
Person video on modern phone camera while opening parcel box with new smartphone.

Publicise the VoLTE-readiness of your network 

Operators who have passed a test are marked as ‘VoLTE ready’ in the GSMA Network Settings Exchange database.  

  • Meaning over 650 device manufacturers are made aware of their VoLTE readiness. 
  • This helps unlock VoLTE on their networks. 
Engineer in tech lab

Self-accreditation for device manufacturers 

This route is particularly helpful for larger manufacturers who have invested in state-of-the-art VoLTE testing facilities.  

  • Self-accreditation requires you to share all trace information directly with the GSMA to corroborate your findings. 
  • Provides another level of confidence to the industry that your tests are comprehensive.  


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