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GSMA PathFinder™

Access to the critical information businesses, operators and aggregators need to communicate with their global customer base via SMS and push notifications.

What is GSMA PathFinder™? 

A look-up service that identifies which operator owns a given phone number. Essential information for routing purposes, enabling global SMS and A2P (application-to-person) messaging for businesses. 

Powered by Neustar, it’s the authoritative source, with 8.6 billion numbers in its database – made up of the world’s in-use fixed and mobile phone numbers. Constantly monitored and corrected in real time, with updates from the 4.6 billion phone numbers that are subject to portability. 

Why is it important for your business?

Broadly, here are the ways the Network Settings Exchange is assisting mobile network operators (MNOs), mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs) and device manufacturers (OEMs), with today’s settings challenge.

Industry experts 

The GSMA and Neustar collectively have unrivalled numbering expertise. 

High-quality data and breadth of coverage 

Authoritative Database and Home Location Register sources that are in real time with this carrier-grade proven solution. 

High availability and low latency 

The database is synchronised in multiple geographical locations to offer high availability 24/7 and a fast API response. 

Improved global message routing  

Increase traffic delivery success for greater campaign and ecommerce results. 

Reduce costs 

Avoid intermediaries and incremental termination fees because SMS are sent straight to the right operator.

Practical examples of what it can do

Find out how GSMA PathFinder™ can be used across different business applications, departments and industries. 

A2P messaging delivery 

Global number portability has been proven to be a major cause of undelivered messages. Delivery failures generate substantial unrecoverable costs, customer dissatisfaction and loss of revenues. 

  • PathFinder enables businesses to make more revenue and reduce delivery costs by making sure A2P messages are routed correctly and delivered to the right destination. 
  • The fast response of PathFinder’s API means delays are avoided, even in countries with a high number of ported numbers. 

User authentication  

PathFinder is the trusted source for real-time and accurate operator identification for phone numbers that enables new user registration, login verification and direct messages. 

  • PathFinder provides authoritative port correction that helps with two-factor authentication and mobile identity.  
  • Also, provides trusted port correction to support the routing of push notifications for financial applications and social media. 

Complex routing and rating 

Some scenarios require number portability information on origin and destination numbers. 

  • PathFinder helps with advanced routing, as it provides both the origin and destination number portability data that’s needed. 
  • Revenue assurance systems use PathFinder to validate origin-based rating charges, as this requires number portability information. 

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