European Identity Group

The European Identity Group (EIG) is formed to foster the growth of operator identity services in Europe by providing a platform for exchanging best practices and facilitating collaboration among European MNOs. The group focuses on improving cross-MNO cooperation in Europe (within the remits of competition law), given similarities in (amongst others):

  • Regulatory frameworks
  • European directives (e.g. GDPR, PSD2, EIDAS)
  • Technological drivers
  • Competitive environment
  • Market dynamics

European Identity Group – Vision:

“We, the European operators, are leveraging together our mobile assets to enable secure and trusted identity ecosystems enhancing and protecting our customers’ experience in the digital world.”

Developed by EIG Members in 2020, with support from the GSMA Strategy Team 


Andrzej Ochocki

CHAIR, Deutsche Telekom

Mus Dumenci

3 Hutchison

Manfred Moormann

A1 Telekom Austria

Renan Abgral

Bouygues Telecom

Huub Appelboom


Antoine Dumanois


Jerzy Klimaszewski


Vincent Diego


Glyn Povah


David Prieto


Sigurd Thunem


Lauri Immonen

Telia Company

Adri Loloci


Local Market Participants:

Amelia Newsom-Davis

Orange France

Martin Schurig

Telefonica Germany

Claudio Di Padova

Vodafone Germany

For more information on the work of the European Identity Group please contact:

Helene Vigue

Identity and Data Director, GSMA

[email protected]