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The fintech and mobile ecosystem is powering new initiatives, collaboration, enhancing user experience and driving new revenue growth in key areas. As part of the GSMA’s strategy to support key verticals, the FinTech Forum is one of the GSMA’s Technology Communities and is part of the standard operating model to support ecosystem activities, explore new solutions by using compelling insights across various topics such as social engineering, fraud solutions, payments, digital assets, credit risk scoring and new technologies including digital currencies and more. Networking and collaboration is also key, providing agile support groups to foster new initiatives and help shape the fintech landscape. 

GSMA Fintech Forum Fintech at MWC24 Barcelona

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The GSMA Fraud and Security Services has been developed to provide the tools needed to take swift action against the most prevalent global threats, which have been identified by the GSMA’s Fraud and Security Group (FASG). Explore the latest Fraud and Security Services from the GSMA including GSMA Fraud Intelligence, GSMA Device Map and more, protecting your business from big losses.

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Download your copy of the GSMA Mobile Telecommunications Security Landscape 2022. The report provides an overview of the significant security topics that GSMA see as important for the mobile industry. This guide gives insights into the security landscape of the mobile telecommunications ecosystem, details key dimensions of consideration, and offers guidance to mitigate and tackle such threats.

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The GSMA Inclusive Tech Lab is a GSMA-led global industry initiative that takes a hands-on approach to research, testing and development of the inclusive technologies of the future.

We are thinking big and making real impact by breaking down barriers to financial services for unregistered people by developing digital identities, enabling wide availability of loans, insurance and education through seamless integrations between service providers and mobile money operators. Find out how to get involved here.