T-Mobile expands the reach of telehealth – a sign of things to come

T-Mobile US has formed a partnership with digital healthcare platform Zyter, which offers telehealth services such as patient monitoring and workforce collaboration for health professionals. T-Mobile will leverage its nationwide LTE and 5G network scale and enterprise sales resources to help expand the reach of Zyter to health professionals and institutions that can implement the software in their own services, whether for a local clinic or major hospital.

Even before the pandemic, digital health services were steadily gaining acceptance in the medical community and among patients as a viable and convenient alternative to in-person care in many countries. There are clear benefits to reducing the strain and cost of health delivery given that healthcare, on average, accounts for 10–20% of total government spend. The pandemic has made this an even higher priority. For the telecoms sector, 5G technology underpins a suite of healthcare applications, notably AR and VR-based consultations and remote diagnostics. In short, the deal is likely a sign of things to come.

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